Jumping for joy! Adorable moment father, aged 70, leaps over porch fence to hug his military son who he hasn’t seen for two years

  • Charles Huddleston is surprised by son Jarius, 21, in Mississippi on his birthday 
  • Family members are heard celebrating in footage recorded by Jarius’ sister Pam 
  • Jarius is based in Washington and had not been able to visit due to the pandemic

This is the heartwarming moment a 70-year-old father leaps over a front porch fence to hug his military son – who he had not seen for two years. 

In a video shared online, Charles Huddleston can be seen relaxing in a rocking chair in Decatur-Conehatta, Mississippi, as his son, Jarius Huddleston, 21, slowly approaches. 

It is not until Jarius reaches the porch that Charles suddenly recognizes him, causing him to freeze for a split second before jumping out of his chair and vaulting over the fence to give him a big hug. 

Family members can be heard laughing and rejoicing as the emotional moment is recorded by Jarius’ sister Pam. 

The father and son are reported to be extremely close and have spoken over the phone every day since Jarius left to join the Army two years ago. 

The young serviceman is currently based in Fort Lewis, Washington, and had not been able to visit home since leaving, mostly due to the pandemic. 

But on June 20, Jarius wanted to do something special for his father’s 70th birthday and Father’s Day.

After surprising his father, Jarius then reunited with his other family members, most of whom also knew nothing about his visit.

The recording of the reunion quickly went viral after being uploaded by Jarius’ wife Jo An. 

Surprise! Moment Charles Huddleston, 70, realizes his son Jarius, 21, is just feet away from him before he jumps over the porch fence to embrace him in Decatur-Conehatta, Mississippi

Jarius pats his father’s chest as the pair embrace after not seeing one another for two years 

Comments on social media have shown appreciation for Charles’ acrobatic jump.

One wrote: ‘My knees would’ve gave out and folded like a wet card… Dad is awesome and this is a wonderful family. Shoot i want a hug.’

Another said: ‘He ain’t 70… dad still got them skills.. congratulations’, while one added: ‘All you grasshoppers, take notice: Daddy’s still got it!’

Charles’ family said he had wanted to go fishing for his birthday, which he was able to do with his son following the surprise. 

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