Ferrari drivers suffer huge crash amid race in rural Italy

Fer-arrgh-i! Watch as two Ferrari drivers fly through the air and crash as they try to take bend at high speed while racing each other in Italy

  • A Dutchman, 56, and a Belgian, 46, were racing each other in the Ancona region
  • The holidaymakers lost control of the supercars and smashed into a nearby villa 
  • They avoided serious injury but one car caught fire and was totally destroyed 

A pair of European holidaymakers who were racing Ferraris through the streets of rural Italy this weekend suffered a humungous crash which saw one car burst into flames.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment the daring duo, a 56-year-old Dutchman and a 46-year-old Belgian, were pursuing one another along the country lanes of Osimo in Ancona when they both took a bend far too quickly.

The cars – worth a combined £500,000 – hit a bump and flew through the air before smashing into a nearby villa. 

The first Ferrari – a red 296 GTB – rammed head-on into the villa wall and sustained considerable damage. 

But the other – a blue F12 Berlinetta – sailed even further, bulldozing through the villa fence and almost immediately bursting into flames.

This is the moment the red Ferrari collided with the barrier just below the villa fence

The blue Ferrari can be seen sailing through the air a split second before it smashed through the fence and sprayed debris into the villa pool

One driver can be seen emerging from the red Ferrari apparently unhurt, but the second painstakingly dragged himself from the smoking blue Ferrari, staggered toward his friend and collapsed.

Moments later, orange flames could be seen snaking out from under the bonnet of the F12 and quickly whipped up into a fearsome blaze that consumed the vehicle. 

Paramedics and firefighters rushed to the crash site on via Molino Basso close to Osimo’s La Coccinella shopping centre.

An air ambulance was also scrambled, according to local media, given the extent of the crash.

The men were taken to a hospital in the regional capital Ancona, but miraculously suffered only minor injuries. 

A female passenger travelling in one of the cars was also largely unhurt.

Firefighters battle to extinguish the flames coming from a blue Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Osimo, Italy, on Saturday, March, 4, 2023

Two men and a woman are seen waiting by the roadside following the crash

Regional news outlet Ancona Today reported that a total of 118 emergency personnel were forced to attend the incident, with several firefighters battling to extinguish the flaming vehicle.

The F12 was reduced to a burnt-out husk by the time the blaze had been quelled, and debris was left strewn across the villa’s grounds, including in the swimming pool.

The drivers, who were understood to be on holiday visiting friends in the region, reportedly face a large fine, which may be increased as investigations into the speed at which they were driving continue.

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