Forklift truck driver obsessed with Abba star became her secret lover

Paunchy forklift truck driver was obsessed with Abba’s Agnetha for years, became her secret lover… and is now the subject of a controversial Amazon documentary

  • Gert van der Graaf features in Amazon Prime’s new show, Take A Chance
  • But Agnetha Faltskog is not happy about it – read the full story at The Mail+ 

Emerging from his red-brick terraced house, in a seldom-visited village in the peatlands of north-western Holland, a balding man drives off to begin his night shift as a forklift truck driver.

He is in his late 50s, jowly and seriously overweight, straining the seams of his yellow and black warehouse jersey.

Watching this unprepossessing character clamber into his car (a Volvo, of course), it is impossible to believe that he once slept next to the pop star of countless red-blooded male fantasies: The Swedish siren universally known, in the non-PC 1970s, as ‘the blonde one’ in ABBA.

When Agnetha Faltskog sang the seductively inviting words of the group’s chart-topping hit, Dancing Queen – ‘Anyone could be that guy’ – she surely wasn’t imagining herself waltzing off with a corpulent Dutchman who works at a water-pump factory.

Agnetha Faltskog and Gert van der Graaf had a brief relationship 25 years ago

The Swedish siren was universally known, in the non-PC 1970s, as ‘the blonde one’ in ABBA

Click here to read David Jones’s full story on Abba star’s stalker at The Mail+

But in an astonishing interlude that unfolded 25 years ago, and will be relived in a controversial Amazon Prime documentary on May 19, Gert van der Graaf did precisely that.

Having started out as an obsessed fan, he stalked Agnetha with frightening zeal until finally, when she was at the lowest ebb in her periodically troubled life, he became her secret boyfriend.

As I have learned, the decision to make the film, called ‘Take A Chance’ after one of ABBA’s nine UK chart-topping singles, has deeply distressed the singer.

So much so that Gorel Hanser, ABBA’s business manager and Agnetha’s friend, tells me she urged the Swedish production company, A Rabbit Hole, to abort it…

Now read David Jones’s full story on the man who’s been stalking Abba star for years on The Mail+

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