From ripped squirrels to buff giraffes… these insanely muscly animals appear to have been pumping iron

THESE muscle-bound animals seem to have been pumping iron in a bid to impress a new mate.

From a gorilla showing off his fearsome physique to a ripped squirrel, the burly brutes put the average gym bunny to shame.

Also featured in the startling gallery are a muscular giraffe and a toned kangaroo seemingly tensing his pecs for the camera.

The images comes after bizarre snaps emerged of musclebound pigs being bred to help combat pork shortages in Cambodia.

And after a mutant breed of cattle sparked an fiery internet "roid rage" row over their freakishly muscle-bound bodies.

Here are some more of nature's awesome giants….

Height of his powers

Blubber free

That's nuts

Roo looking at me?

Abs-olute power

Chunky monkey



Roar power

Mr moo-niverse

Fluffy toughie

Purr-fect physique

What a stud

Fat free bacon


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