Furious Texan displays angry sign as dozens mistake home for BROTHEL

‘Kelly DOES NOT live here!’ Furious Texas retiree, 66, erects angry sign after being besieged by dozens of men who mistakenly believe her home to be a hooker-filled BROTHEL

  • Elaine White, 66, has had men knocking at the door of her Plano, Texas home since the middle of last year, mistakenly believing it to be a brothel
  • White thinks the men arriving at her home have fallen victim to an online scam: she calls the police, but there have been no arrests
  • White has resorted to putting signs up warning people she is armed, and installed a Ring camera to film those arriving at her front door 

A Texas retiree has resorted to putting threatening signs outside her home after she became besieged by men mistakenly believing her house was a brothel.

Elaine White, 66, suspects that the men are victims of an online scam, which provides her address as a meeting place for sex.

She said the men began appearing a year ago, asking variously for Nikki, Kelly and Rhonda.

‘I’m frustrated. I’m irritated and I’m beyond done,’ she told NBC 5 News.

‘How can a grown man go to a house in a neighborhood thinking they’re gonna get sex?

‘As many hookers and prostitutes there are – go get one. Leave me alone. I’m not here for that.’ 

Elaine White, 66, said around 25 men have turned up on her door, mistakenly believing they were going to find a prostitute

White said she estimates 25 men have arrived at her house hoping to find a prostitute – with one having travelled from as far afield as Laredo, 450 miles away.

She told the channel the men were all ages and ethnicities, and some showed up with cases of beer.

White installed a Ring video doorbell camera to record them and send it to the police, and surrounded her home with signs warning that she was armed, and the home was protected.

She even painted a sign, reading: ‘Kelly DOES NOT live here.’

The Ring camera footage shows men knocking her door, then quickly leaving when White confronts them. 

One man is caught on the Ring camera saying he is looking for ‘Rhonda’

The men quickly leave when they are told it is the wrong house

White said the callers were all ages and ethnicities – many arriving carrying beer

One man is filmed telling her he is looking for ‘Rhonda’.

White asks: ‘For drugs or sex?’

He replies: ‘Umm, second one.’

White tells him: ‘Well, you know what? This is a bait house and you have 10 seconds to get away from it or the cops are gonna getcha. 

‘You better hurry.’

White said she has called the police several times, but they are yet to make any arrests.

White has put up a sign informing callers that ‘Kelly’, a name frequently given to the prostitute, was not at the house

She said she opens the door with a loaded handgun ready

White said the signs had not dissuaded the callers, and police have not made any arrests

She said at least two men have said they were sent by Thai Massage of North Dallas, which does not appear to exist.

‘Police told me that there are trafficking rings going around, and my address may have been used out of the sky,’ said White. 

‘That it’s off of some sex website where nasty old men go and look for sex. They pay Venmo for the services and then they get my address and they come here.’

She said she kept her gun close.

‘Yes, I have my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum loaded 4-inch barrel next to me,’ she said. 

‘And I answer the door with it.’

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