GABBY Petito web sleuths think her blue sky posts with "I'm blue" Eurotrash lyrics were actually coded messages.

Almost a month after Gabby's remains were discovered at a campsite near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, an autopsy released on Tuesday revealed that the 22-year-old died by strangulation.

As Brian Laundrie continues to evade authorities after he was last seen on September 14, internet sleuths continue to snoop around Gabby's social media feed, searching for clues.

On July 31, 2020, The 22-year-old vlogger posted two pictures of herself on Instagram that appeared to show her outdoors wearing a gray top and white pants.


Gabby captioned one post: "I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa 🦋 #imblue."

In the second post, she captioned it: "Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette And everything is blue for him 🧊✈️🤍🔹🦕. #blue."

Sleuths believe the 22-year-old was sending hidden messages about her mood, as one commented: "Is she trying to say she’s sad??"

Another person chimed in, saying: "Blue as in sad???"

Gabby's caption referred to the Eiffel 65 song Blue (Da Ba Dee), which sleuths have tried to connect as a coded meaning for "sad".

One web sleuths highlighted the beginning of the '90s song claiming the lyrics "quickly establish that our protagonist in the song is suffering from depression."

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The Reddit critic also points out the line "all day and all night," which he theorized refers to the fact that "depression doesn't really go away easily. It usually doesn't go away in the span of a few hours, it sticks with them all day and all night."

According to Song Meanings and Facts, Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) song was written to "depict how a person picked their lifestyles and their overall outlook of life on a daily basis."

"'Blue' is a story of a little guy who lives in a blue world and everything he sees is blue just like him.

"The song’s opening lyrics show that he’s not just talking about how he feels inside or outside but also what the world and everything about the world looks like to him," the site said.

"How he feels about the world. It sounds like the whole world is blue to him…a cold cruel world filled with sadness.

"He goes on to talk about his blue house with a blue window. Also, he talks of blue clothes being all he wears. Furthermore, he talks about the trees and streets being blue. This means even his clothes depress him," the outlet added.

Eagle eye spies also highlighted Gabby's June 23, 2020 post, where she shared a picture of Laundrie and herself at Sope Creek Stream in Georgia.

What sleuths questioned in the June 2020 post was the book Gabby was reading, Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, which follows the experiences of an unnamed protagonist struggling with insomnia.

One person commented: "Interesting book to read…."

Another person added: "If you look at him and the cover of the book theirs some weird Irony going on here."

The FBI and local police and sheriffs have continued to search for Laundrie actively.

On September 14, Laundrie's parents, Christopher and Roberta, told authorities he never returned after leaving their North Port home to go hiking at the Carlton Nature Reserve.

Investigators have deployed drones, hound dogs, and all-terrain vehicles at the reserve's alligator, snake and bug-infested swampland.

Bounty hunters have also joined the search, with Dog the Bounty Hunter trying to find Laundrie further afield at the much smaller 1,136 acre Fort de Soto Island campground.

Laundrie was named a “person of interest” four days before his 22-year-old ex-fiancee was found dead in Grand Teton Park in Wyoming. 

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