A MAN murdered three of his neighbours after feeling a “surge of hatred” as he struggled in a computer game. 

Ivan Yezhov, 34, has been jailed for life in Russia for the triple killing – the first case of its kind in the country. 

In a rage over his failure to get to the next level in the first person shooter game Doom Eternal, he grabbed a kitchen knife and went to the next door flat in Krasnoyarsk, a court heard. 

He stabbed 47-year-old radio and TV broadcaster Elena Mutovina at her door, before killing her father, 77, as he got up from the sofa. 

Her terrified daughter Daniella, nine, fled to the bathroom after seeing her family knifed to death, lying against the door desperately seeking to prevent him opening it.

But Yezhov forced his way in and killed her. 

He then rearranged the bodies to make it appear that the grandfather was the killer who then took his own life. 

He was convicted of multiple murders with “special cruelty” and “abusing the bodies of the dead”, and sentenced to life in jail.

The gamer was “drunk and under the influence of scenes of violence from a computer game which he had been playing immediately before the killings”, said a court spokesman. 

“Yezhov first killed and then tried to cover up the traces of the murders.”

He was “cynical and immoral” in seeking to “divert suspicions from himself and shift them to the elderly man killed by him”.

Law enforcement sources told Mash Media that Yezhov had failed to progress in the Doom Eternal game and used a YouTube video to help him. 

He became “overwhelmed” and grabbed the knife, committing the murders.

Then he fled his flat. 

A massive search was launched involving police and volunteers. 

He was found and held five days later and confessed, said law enforcement.

Yezhov told detectives he felt a “surge of hatred” while watching Doom Eternal, unable to progress to the next level. 

“I was very drunk,” he said during a crime scene reconstruction.

“Elena was standing here.

“The door was slightly opened, I asked if I could enter.

“She said ‘No’.

“At this moment I stabbed her in the neck (with a big kitchen knife)”

Next he killed the grandad as he got up from the sofa. 

“I ran to the bathroom where the girl was lying with her back to the door, covering her head with her hands.

“I stabbed her several times.”

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