STUNNING pictures show a gargantuan bull shark exposing its rows of razor-sharp teeth in a terrifyingly close encounter with a freediver off the coast of Florida.

John Moore was diving near Jupiter when he snapped the huge female predator amongst a shiver of bull sharks earlier this month.

With her rows of teeth exposed and yellow-tinted eyes gleaming, the enormous shark was up close and personal to the shark diver and photographer.

One stunning snap shows the bull shark with her head up and flexing her chest as she feeds.

The predator's pec fins slow her down as she prepares to catch her prey.

Pictures also show the bull shark dwarfing the photographer and other marine life as the heavily pregnant female searches for food.

John said: “She was an abnormally large female. Very likely pregnant and certainly hadn’t skipped any meals.

"She was a very dominant shark, confidently coming right up to me throughout our dive."

In a series of posts uploaded to Instagram, the photographer said that on one occasion a smaller fish grabbed a chunk of the bait and ran towards him for cover as it was seemingly frightened by the beast.

Bull sharks are commonly found worldwide in warm, shallow waters along coasts and rivers.

The predator’s diet tends to consist of bony fish and small sharks but can eat turtles, birds and dolphins.

Bull sharks made during late summer and early autumn. After gestating, a bull shark may give birth to as many as 13 offspring.

It's thought that humans are considered the biggest threat to bull sharks.

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