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The latest court bid to unseal Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition about her sex life was interrupted — when it was illegally livestreamed by apparent QAnon followers.

Tuesday’s Manhattan federal court hearing was held by phone, but was interrupted by the deputy clerk alerting Judge Loretta Preska that it was being broadcast live on YouTube.

“Whoever is doing it, you are operating against the law,” the judge warned. 

“So I will ask you, most respectfully, to stop doing it. We have had enough of lack of the rule of law around here. Let’s try to observe it,” Preska said.

The broadcast, followed by 14,000 people, was shut down soon after the judge’s warning, according to the Guardian.

It had been flooded with supporters of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that says a cabal of global elites run a web of pedophile rings, the Associated Press said. 

British media heiress Maxwell and her pedophile ex, late multimillionaire moneyman Jeffrey Epstein, have become a central focus for many believers because of the pair’s well-known ties to the rich and famous.

Comments on the feed included “FREEE OUR CHILDREN NOW” and “PROTECT THE KIDS FROM THESE WEIRDOS,” as well as references to “National Popcorn Day,” a phrase used in QAnon circles, the Guardian said.

The public conference call line was also full of hundreds of listeners, preventing many journalists from joining and listening in, the UK paper said.

Tuesday’s hearing concerned Maxwell’s settled civil lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre — who has also shared QAnon posts tied to her case.

Preska ordered dozens of documents in the case to be unsealed next week — but not Maxwell’s 2016 deposition that detailed her sex life.

“Although the prurient interest of some may be left un-satiated as a result, Ms. Maxwell’s interest in keeping private the details of her sexual relationships with consenting adults warrants the sealing of those portions of her testimony,” Preska said of the bid to unseal them filed by the Miami Herald.

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