Giant 60ft prehistoric sea monster’s head is as long as a full-grown man

A GIANT sea monster’s head is the same size as a full-grown man after being found in one of the driest place on Earth.

The prehistoric dinosaur, named Cymbospondylus youngorum, was found with its long snout and pointed teeth in Nevada’s Black Rock desert.

The beast that lived 244 million years ago and weighed 40 tons measured 60 ft from nose to tail.

Dwarfing anything alive today, Professor Martin Sander who wrote about the monster in the journal Science said: “Although whales are now the largest of Earth’s creatures, they were not the first ocean giants to ply the seas.

“It took whales about 90 percent of their 55 million-year history to evolve into the ocean giants we know today.”

The findings also identify that prehistoric marine ecosystems could support giant monsters like Cymbospondylus.

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