GOD SAVE THE KING is the national anthem of Britain, dating back centuries.

But many people only know the chorus, so what are the new lyrics? Here's everything you need to know…

What are the lyrics to God Save The King?

The lyrics to God Save The Queen – or God Save The King change depending on the gender of the sitting monarch.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the lyrics have changed for the ruling monarch King Charles III.

They haven't been sung in this country since 1952 following the untimely death of King George VI.

Since its creation centuries ago, different verses have been added and taken away.

On most occasions, only one verse is sung. At certain times two or very rarely three are sung.

There are no definitive lyrics but the verses below are widely accepted as the standard version of the national anthem.



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The lyrics to the UK's national anthem God Save The King are as follows:

God save our gracious King!

Long live our noble King!

God save the King!

Send him victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to reign over us:

God save the King!

O Lord our God arise,

Scatter his enemies,

And make them fall:

Confound their politics,

Frustrate their knavish tricks,

On Thee our hopes we fix:

God save us all.

Thy choicest gifts in store,

On him be pleased to pour;

Long may he reign:

May he defend our laws,

And ever give us cause,

To sing with heart and voice,

God save the King!

Who wrote God Save the King?

There is no confirmed author of the tune and it is possible the anthem was adapted from chants used in Catholic churches.

The author most often linked to God Save The King is John Bull – an English composer, musician and organ constructor who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Bull composed many pieces of music in his life and it has been widely publicised that, if he did write God Save The King, he did so around 1619.

Other early composers including Thomas Ravenscroft, Henry Purcell and Henry Carey have all been speculated as possible creators.

It was first publicly performed in London in 1745 and the tune has been used in many compositions over the years – including by famed musicians such as Beethoven, Haydn and Brahms.



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What other countries sing God Save the King?

God Save The King is still used as a national anthem by some Commonwealth countries.

It's one of two official national anthems in New Zealand and is still used as the royal anthem in Australia, Canada, Jamaica and Tuvalu – although it is rarely played.

God Save The King stopped being the official national anthem of Australia in 1974 and was replaced by Advance Australia Fair.

The melody is used for the national anthem of Liechtenstein, "Oben am jungen Rhein", and the royal anthem of Norway, "Kongesangen".

Did the Sex Pistols record their own version of God Save The King?

In 1977, the year of Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee punk band The Sex Pistols recorded and released a song titled "God Save The Queen" which was seen as an insult to the monarchy.

Many venues banned the group from performing and certain media outlets refused to play the song or report on the Sex Pistols.

Despite the attempts to censor the song, it reached number 2 on the UK singles chart.

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