COPS investigating the murder of mom Maya Millete were handed audio of an argument between her and husband Larry featuring the sound of gunshots – days before she vanished, her family's private investigator claims.

The 39-year-old mysteriously disappeared on January 7 – the same day she scheduled a meeting with a divorce attorney to begin her separation from her husband of 21 years, it has been reported.

And today, nine months after she vanished, Maya's husband Larry was arrested over her murder by a SWAT team who surrounded the family home in Chula Vista, California, at around 11am.

Larry's arrest comes nearly three months after he was named a person of interest on July 22, 2021.

Family members previously revealed she'd chillingly told them during a camping trip days before she went missing, "If anything happened to me, it would be Larry."

The family's private investigator, Billy Little Jnr claims to have spoken to countless witnesses who have provided possible evidence to the police.

He exclusively told The Sun: "There was a fight in that house so loud it could be heard outside. There is a recording of that fight.

"After that fight, there are six gunshots. Bang, ten second pause, bang, ten second pause, bang, bang, bang, bang, four more shots."

Billy continued: "The police have the recording. The police have had the recording for almost three months now. But they have not shared it with anyone.

"He's got three small children in that house who are witnesses, right? They didn't see it, but they certainly heard the fighting and they heard the gunshots.

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"So what does he do? He shuffles the kids and tells them to go outside and play.

"It's 10.30pm at night. It's 40 degrees Fahrenheit. He sends the kids on a school night, outside in the backyard to go play.

'There's video of the kids playing in the backyard by themselves for half an hour, out in the cold, on a school night."

When asked directly about the audio of the argument, Lieutenant Dan Peak from the Criminal Investigations Division told The Sun: "This is an ongoing investigation and we do not discuss or disclose any potential evidence in any open case.

"The disclosure of any potential evidence in an open investigation can complicate any number of outcomes down the road."

He also revealed the police have interviewed 47 family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses, and have written 12 search warrants, including that of Maya's home.

Peak claims they have "reviewed over 40 tips on May’s possible location and reason for disappearance," adding that "these tips have come from the local community and from around the country."

Billy, who claims he has been 'ghosted' by police after handing over his research on the case, also alleges he also spoken to a friend of Maya's who alleges Larry "choked her" during an earlier argument.

"She told her that he choked her to the point of my consciousness on the stairs of that house," he alleged.

"And when he did it, she just let him, she didn't even fight back. She just let him choke her until she passed out.

"The conversation took place in 2020 [but] when the choking took place, I don't know."

Billy says Maya's family and friends told him Larry was "controlling" and they were having marital problems throughout 2020, during which he accused her of cheating with three different men.

He also says he switched from being a devout Christian to being interested in witchcraft in an effort to keep Maya from leaving him. 

The Chula Vista Police Department held a joint press conference at 3:30pm on October 19, the day Larry was arrested, with Maya's family and friends in attendance.

It was revealed by San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan that Larry was hit with a second charge, regarding illegal possession of assault weapon.

Summer confirmed that Maya's body has not yet been found and Larry will be held without bail.

His arraignment is set for October 21 at the South Bay courthouse.

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