Hair stylist, 49, who went on drunken rampage in A&E is spared jail

Hair stylist, 49, who went on drunken rampage at an A&E unit throwing her shoes at other patients, kicking a security guard in the head and spitting in a nurse’s face is spared jail

  • A hair stylist went on a drunken rampage as she attacked staff in an A&E unit
  • Lindsey Saville, 49, has avoided jail after kicking and spitting at staff 

A party-loving hair stylist has avoided jail following a drunken rampage at a hospital A&E unit.

Lindsey Saville, 49, had to be restrained on a bed after she kicked a security guard in the head and spat in a nurse’s face when she was admitted following a medical episode. 

Saville, who called her hair salon in Stretford, Greater Manchester ‘Off Your Head’ as a tribute to her ‘partying years’ at the iconic Hacienda nightclub, began screaming and shouting at other patients in the waiting area.

She then kicked off her shoes and threw them at staff as they tried to calm her down. 

Two staff at Wythenshawe Hospital had to take hepatitis C tests for a year as a result of the incident during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lindsey Saville, 49, has avoided jail for kicking and spitting at hospital staff in an A&E outburst

The hair stylist had to be restrained after she kicked a security guard in the head and spat in a nurse’s face

In a statement, Nurse Reigan Adams said: ‘I have been a nurse for just under two years and have never experienced something like this. I was very angry and upset because I am here to help people, I could have got a serious infection.

‘I am now very cautious and have become scared when I see a patient come into A&E accompanied by the police. My concentration has deteriorated since this incident… my only hope is to not have to go through it again.’

At Manchester Crown Court, Saville admitted two charges of assault by beating and one of an assault of an emergency worker was sentenced to a 12 month community order in place of immediate imprisonment due to her engagement with probation and efforts to stop drinking.

She will have to complete 10 rehabilitation activity days and a 12 month alcohol treatment requirement.

An assault by beating charge can carry up to 26 weeks in custody while assaulting an emergency worker can carry a maximum 12-month sentence. 

Katy Laverty, prosecuting said ‘On the 24th July 2021, Greater Manchester Police received a call from Wythenshawe Hospital that there was a disturbance in their accident and emergency department.

‘The defendant had been taken to A&E by ambulance and was extremely intoxicated and volatile on the way there. When she arrived at A&E she began screaming and shouting at other patients in the waiting area. 

‘She then got her shoes off and threw them at people surrounding her in the middle of A&E.

‘Reigan Adams, a nurse on duty, came over to her to tell her to be quiet and calm down for the benefit of the other patients. However, whilst she tried to lead the defendant off into a side room the defendant spat in her face.

Saville named her hair salon in Stretford, Greater Manchester ‘Off Your Head’ as a tribute to her ‘partying years’ at the iconic Hacienda nightclub

She avoided jail for the incident at Wythenshawe Hospital after a judge said she had ‘seen the error in her ways’ 

‘Security staff and porters then attempted to restrain the defendant on a hospital bed in the side room away from the main waiting area.

‘During this period the defendant spat in the face and on the wrist of another staff member, Steven Westlake. The defendant attempted to punch and kick the hospital staff as they tried to restrain her. 

‘As they pinned her down she did manage to kick staff member Lee Murphy in the side of the head “as hard as she could” before the police arrived.

‘After she was arrested, the defendant was placed in the back of a police van and taken to the nearby Wythenshawe police station. She was physically and verbally abusive to officers in the van and continued to spit whilst inside.

‘In interview the next day the defendant denied her role in the offences and accused the police of attempting to cover up offences that had been committed against her in the past.’

Saville had previous convictions for assault occasioning actual bodily harm in 1990 and for battery in 2004.

Her counsel Patrick Buckley said in mitigation: ‘Ms Saville is happy to continue with her alcohol abstinence requirement. They are not superfluous, they are important to her. Hopefully, by continuing with this, she is able to resume her business.

‘The delay in proceedings has ultimately worked in her favour as it has allowed her to work with probation and prove to the court that she is serious about turning her life around. She has expressed genuine victim empathy and remorse for her actions.’

Sentencing, judge Nicholas Fewtrell told Saville she had ‘clearly seen the error in her ways’ and added: ‘You should not be in front of this court and you should not want to be in the future.

‘You need to think carefully before getting yourself into situations that could lead you back here. You have had difficulties and negative experiences in your life that explain but in no way excuse your actions on that day.

‘It is unlikely that the court would be as lenient in the future as they have been in the past. 

‘I wish you good fortune and every success in your attempt to turn your life around.’

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