HAMAS threatened Israel with a revenge rocket assault on Tel Aviv after "150 terrorists" were wiped out last night during the fighting on the Gaza Strip.

Hopes of a ceasefire have dwindled after Israel "intensified its aggression" and attacked another tower block housing the Hamas government's interior ministry on Monday.

The Israel Defense Forces announced it had killed over 150 terrorist operatives, the majority from Hamas, and that they had destroyed nine miles of underground tunnels in Gaza City.

But Hamas have not taken the relentless airstrikes lightly – and vowed to "put Tel Aviv back among our rockets' targets.

"You have been warned," a statement from the militant group chillingly read.

According to officials, 212 Palestinians have reportedly been killed in Gaza, including at least 61 children, while over 1,400 have been injured.

“We will put Tel Aviv back among our rockets’ targets. You have been warned."

In Israel, ten people – including a five-year-old boy – have died and hundreds have been injured by rockets fired from the strip.

The IDF said it had used 60 planes to drop over 100 bombs on at least 65 targets during the overnight attack on Hamas' tunnels, that are known as "The Metro" by the military.

The passages have been a prime target as they are used by Hamas to operations and smuggling, and Israel claim to have destroyed at least 62 miles of tunnel.

A taunting tweet from the IDF posted this morning read: "Overnight, we struck terror targets in Gaza City: rocket launch sites aimed at Tel Aviv & across Israel, 65 terror targets in the Hamas 'Metro' tunnel system, a Hamas Anti-Tank Missile squad.

"Hamas proves again that it deliberately places military targets in civilian areas."

It is a relentless blame game between the regions, with Hamas earlier saying the strikes were a "pre-meditated killing" – as child casualties continue to increase.

Lebanon's terror group Hezbollah are believed to be behind a rocket attack targeting Israel that failed to land.

The Israeli army said it launched artillery towards Lebanon in response on Monday after the "six failed launch attempts were identified".

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack from Lebanon, but it came after a large Hezbollah-organised demonstration in support of the Palestinians took place in the capital Beirut in which those taking part carried missiles.

President Joe Biden leant on Binyamin Netanyahu during their second phone conversation in two days and again appealed for peace between the warring regions.

"The president expressed his support for a ceasefire and discussed US engagement with Egypt and other partners towards that end," the White House said.

Biden has sent an intermediary, Hady Amr, to Israel to encourage a ceasefire, as Egyptian negotiators pile on the pressure.

Yet between Hamas' stark warning and Netanyahu insisting the blitz will continue "with full force", hopes of a truce continue to deteriorate.

But the Hamas warning rather than an assault ambush suggests to experts they are seeking an end to the fighting.

Israeli forces suspect that although the militant groups may have at least 10,000 rockets, the number of these that could hit Tel Aviv has shrunk.

According to the IDF, 3,150 rockets had been fired from Gaza over the last week – but 460 malfunctioned and fell inside the strip.

Israel has attacked 1,180 targets, including the buildings that house the Associated Press and Al Jazeera bureaus in Gaza.

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