Harry ‘attacks’ William in memoir as Sussexes go for ‘highest scalp’ – expert

Prince Harry will attack Prince William in his upcoming memoir as the Sussexes go for the "highest scalp they can", according to a royal expert.

US royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield says the Duke of Sussex will "turn on" his brother in the highly-anticipated publication Spare, which is set to hit the shelves next week.

Speaking to GB News, Kinsey said it's time for Harry to "move on" as she agreed with predictions about an attack on William, who has been "the one person in the world to make his life easier".

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Appearing on Tuesday's programme, Kinsey claimed the Prince of Wales will be "attacked" by Harry.

GB News host Isabel Webster remarked: "It strikes me that they've (Harry and Meghan Markle) gone for the highest scalp they can at the time.

"So when the Queen was alive that was his father, now his father is the monarch, it has to be his brother.

"I mean there's a calculation, is that not your view?"

"It's absolutely my view," Kinsey replied.

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"And it's so unfortunate, Isabel, because if you've studied the Royal Family, you know that Prince William has spent the majority of his life protecting his younger brother from his mother's mistakes, from his father's mistakes.

"Shielding his eyes and ears because he wanted to protect his heart, and he is truly going after the one person in the world that has tried to make his life easier.

"And I think it's devastating and I think it really does hurt William – I think it hurts him deeply."

"Unfortunately, or fortunately, we won't see that because he's an intensely private person," she added.

"You know think about when Prince Harry came back from active duty, he was doing those press interviews, and he was clearly frustrated.

"It was William that stepped in and told the media that the interviews were over.

"William has been fiercely protective of his brother, and to see Harry turn on him is deeply disappointing."

Kinsey added there was a "morbid curiosity" from people in the US about the upcoming memoir and to see if he slams his family or reveals any specific details in doing so.

"But I don't think it's going to be something earth-shattering, I don't think this it's going to be a positive element to his legacy," she said.

"To continue to complain about the same thing for three years, it's time to grow up and move on."


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