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DYLAN ROUNDS has been reported missing for over two weeks and his family still hopes and is cooperating with the police to find the teenager.

This is what you need to know about Dylan Rounds and his disappearance.

Who is Dylan Rounds?

Dylan Rounds is a 19-year-old who went missing on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

He was last seen in Lucin, Utah, working on the family's farm.

Days before his disappearance, he encountered an unknown man that Rounds' aunt Katie Wells spoke about to eastidahonews.com.

She said: "The man was walking down the gravel road barefoot. He flagged Dylan down, who was in his truck.

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"He asked to use Dylan's phone and was acting erratically.

"Dylan felt the man was dangerous and may have been high. When he asked Dyland for a ride, (Dylan) did not give him a ride."

Wells added that the man was seen again in Montello, Nevada a few days later asking for Rounds.

Reports indicate that he also received a ride to Rounds' trailer on the day of the teen's vanishing.

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His aunt said: "We don't believe anything was ransacked. Dylan is midding, his phone is missing and his wallet.

"He is an old soul, farm boy at heart. All he wants to do is get up and work all day every day,

"He isn't interested in partying, he isn't interested in travel. He never dated in high school. He's not your typical 19-year-old."

Has Dylan Rounds been found?

Rounds is yet to be found after he was reported missing on May 30.

His boots were found by his camper behind a dirt pile on the farm near the Utah-Nevada border his mother Candice Cooley said.

She told East Idaho News: "From where his grain truck was parked, his boots were about 100 yards south behind a pile of dirt just casually tossed out.

"He was very particular about his boots. He wears a pair, and it's always the same pair. When they wear out, he goes and buys exactly the same boots."

Cooley was told by the police that a spot of blood was found on the boots and sent to the lab for testing.

She told NewsNation that "at that point, it should have been treated as foul play.

She added: "You just don't see someone's boots in the desert that's missing."

She also said that there were no tire tracks in the dirt leading to or from Rounds' red pickup truck, which she found suspicious because it rained on Memorial Day weekend when he disappeared.

She also added that the truck looked like it had been pressured washed when police found it and that the driver's seat was scooted up unusually.

The truck was in a four-wheel drive, but Rounds had complained that this has not been working Cooley said.

When did Dylan Rounds go missing?

The last time that Rounds' family heard about it was on May 28 and then was reported missing on May 30.

Chief Deputy Cade Palmer of the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office said: "If somebody is involved with Dylan's disappearance, they need to know we're not going away.

"If this takes months, if it takes years, we'll keep knocking on doors."

The Box Elder County is now working with the FBI on the case.

“We routinely offer our assistance and resources to our law enforcement partners,” said spokeswoman Sandra Barker to East Idaho News.

Cooley is thankful for the agency for taking on her son's case but criticized the local authorities for not offering more support to the family.

“When Box Elder County came out, they came out Monday, May 30,” she said, adding that investigators had done a good job at first.

“But by the next day, when they come out, and the sheriffs and everybody came back out, it was around 2, 3 in the afternoon — they called it.

"They literally left our family out in the desert to figure out what happened," she claimed.

In a statement, the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office said, “Box Elder County volunteer teams have logged over 300 hours searching, covering over 3,000 miles (not including the hours and miles traveled to and from the remote search areas).

“Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office Detectives and Deputies have also been searching around the clock, weekdays and weekends. So far, detectives have spent over 650 hours investigating this case. 

“These numbers continue to increase daily and do not include the time and resources contributed by assisting law enforcement agencies and search teams.”

In the meantime, Rounds’ parents are asking anyone with information to come forward.

“We need to have something,” said Cooley.

“We need a direction. Even if you don’t think it’s important, the smallest little piece of something could help. Please tell us.”

A $20,000 reward is being offered to anyone who finds Rounds or knows where he might be, said the family.

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Dylan Rounds is 5-foot-10 and weighs 160 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing jeans, a dark shirt and a flannel jacket.

Anyone with any information is being told to contact his mother, Candice Cooley, at (208) 604-3839.

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