THIS is the horrifying moment a massive snake bit a model's fake breast after she licked it during a photoshoot.

Israeli model Orit Fox, 42, got more than she bargained for when the huge boa constrictor nipped her left breast during a daring stunt for a Tel Aviv radio show.

In the resurfaced video, Fox, dressed in a low-cut red and white striped dress and knee-high boots, is seen posing with the enormous serpent before she leans in for a "kiss" and licks its face.

The alarmed snake suddenly latches onto her and sinks its teeth into her breast.

She let out a high-pitched scream and an assistant is seen rushing into the shot to help her yank the snake off.

A reptile expert said the snake likely felt threatened and lashed out at Fox after the B-list model got too close to its face and planted her tongue on the creature.

Fox was whisked off to a hospital and given a tetanus shot after the nip.

She was kept in hospital for observation, but she was soon discharged and didn't suffer any long-term damage from the bizarre encounter.

Fox gained global notoriety and shot to internet stardom after the footage of the snake bite went viral.

The peroxide-blonde model told the Daily Mail: "It was so funny and amazing. The snake bit me on the breast and now the whole country talks about my breast!"

Initial reports suggested the snake died from silicone poisoning from the bite, but this was later rubbished by animal specialists.

"There was a rumour that the silicone killed the snake, but he survives," Fox said.

"It didn't do damage. It's like a cat scratch. It was one month I had scars from the snake."

Wildlife experts said it's impossible for a snake to die from biting a human breast – even one that's full of silicone.

Mark Kilby, the owner of a reptile centre in West Virginia, told Live Science: "Snakes can eat some really sick animals and not contract mammalian diseases.

"So I have not heard of a snake getting sick or dying after biting a human.

"I can't see the boa constrictor that bit that model getting any of the contents of the material from the implant, being silicone or saline, in its mouth to cause any ill effect to the boa."

The model provoked the bite by putting her face in the boa constrictor's face, causing the snake to get defensive.

He added: "As a side observation, the model provoked the bite by putting her face in the boa constrictor's face, causing the snake to get defensive. When it got close to the next bulging object, the boa retaliated by biting."

Fox's lifetime ambition is to transform herself into a lifesize plastic Barbie doll with cosmetic surgery – and she even has her plastic surgeon on call 24 hours a day.

She visits the doc whenever she spots a wrinkle or is feeling unhappy about her looks.

"Visually, I look like Barbie, like a doll. Men love my body. It's like a dream, a fantasy," she said.

"I cannot stop this obsession to my beauty. It's not healthy, it's unhealthy. Four times I do surgery to my breasts. I do silicone in the face…"

Fox, who appeared in the Channel 5 documentary, 200 Nips and Tucks and I Want More, added: "Sometimes I feel an empty spot in my face and I fill with silicone. My teeth… I ask for the most white they have.

"I think I'm more beautiful now because I keep my beauty. It's very important to keep my beauty."

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