Euro 2020: ‘Wembley Way was a disgrace’ says Swarbrick

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The alleged incident left the father “covered in blood” after the situation rapidly escalated following the climax of Sunday night’s game. The England fan apparently furiously lashed out when Bukayo Saka missed the deciding spot kick, resulting in England losing to Italy.

Both men involved were watching England’s Euro defeat in a four star family hotel bar in Ibiza before the brawl began.

Witnesses alleged that the Englishman had a very violent response when his team lost the game, resulting in the Scottish dad being “slashed” across his forehead.

Speaking to the Daily Record, another guest and witness of the incident claimed that the incident left children “screaming”.

They added: “The English guy stood up, walked over to the victim and slashed him across his forehead. Instantly the blood was everywhere. All the children were screaming, including my own.

“I was 20 metres roughly from where the victim was sitting and you could see that during the game there was some banter, all of which seemed to be good natured.

“Straight after the game something seemed to have been said between the two, however they were still sitting with their own families.”

Following the alleged assault, it is understood that the attacker sprinted through the hotel as the victim was taken to hospital.

The commotion reportedly took place in a crowd of up to 300 people who had gathered to watch the game in the outdoor bar area.

The witness further claimed: “He slashed him across the forehead as the victim sat with his wife and children.

“The suspect disappeared into the hotel and his family also disappeared in the chaos. The victim’s wife was at reception after it happened and was in floods of tears.

“The suspect was with his family too, all of whom were staying in the hotel. Other guests assisted in identifying him to the victim’s wife.

“My own five-year-old witnessed it, as did my 11-year-old, both of whom couldn’t sleep. My five-year-old was still crying as she was lying in bed.”

Daily Record reports that the suspect has allegedly been arrested and is due to appear in a Spanish court.

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