THIS is the horror moment a "cannibal" shark chomped off a smaller beast's tail in an incredible attack witnessed by anglers.

The surprise attack was caught on camera by stunned fishermen off the coast of Miami, Florida.

They watched helplessly as the beast took a huge chunk out of the shark they were trying to reel in.

Amazingly, the hooked shark continued to thrash about even as other sharks started to circle the bloody water.

"Look at the shark trying to eat that shark," someone is heard yelling on the video.

"Holy s***!" they screamed before adding: "Did you get that on camera?"

It came as a huge shock to the pals who were trying to catch tarpons, a large fish which inhabit the western Atlantic.

A female angler ended up catching a bull shark instead, the remarkable clip shows.

She was reeling it in when suddenly a much larger shark lurched into view and bit off its entire tail.

It comes as incredible footage captured the world's toughest great white shark covered in scars and bite marks after years of explosive underwater clashes.

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The huge predator showed off its battle scars while swimming near the Neptune Islands in South Australia.

The area is known to be home to an estimated 1,000 great whites, but it seems this beast is known as the top dog.

The extraordinary clip shows the wounded shark with lacerations over every inch of its skin, as it dwarfs the small fish swimming alongside it.

Meanwhile, another clip showed the moment a massive 1,300lb hammerhead feasted on a 6-foot shark off the Florida coast.

The wild footage opens with the massive hammerhead stalking its six foot victim.

A man can be heard laughing in the viral video as the hammerhead engulfs the smaller shark with its giant body.

The hammerhead then chowed down on the other beast.

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