JOE Biden is the oldest person to ever become president – as he transitions to the White House, he'll have to make his new home family-friendly for his six grandkids.

Biden, whose grandchildren affectionately call him "pop-pop," has said he speaks with his family often and that he's in contact with his grandkids "every day."

Naomi Biden

Naomi is the oldest daughter of Joe's younger son Hunter Biden and was named after her grandfather's infant baby girl who tragically died in a car crash alongside his first wife Neilia Hunter.

The 26-year-old Columbia law graduate is passionate about politics and even joined her grandpa on international trips including to New Zealand and China.

She's one of President Biden's most vocal supporters and often gives social media users a peek into her family's life through her Instagram posts.

Naomi and her boyfriend, fellow law student Peter Neal, recently collaborated on a quiz to help Americans understand if they qualified for aid under the CARES Act.

Naomi attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she was classmates with Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany.

A post shared by NKB (@naomibiden)

A post shared by NKB (@naomibiden)

Finnegan Biden

Although Finnegan may not be as vocal as her older sister Naomi on social media, she's also traveled with her granddad internationally during his time as vice president.

The 21-year-old is named after Joe's mother, Jean Finnegan, and she got a shout-out from her grandpa last February during a campaign rally in Iowa.

“I would like to introduce you to my granddaughter Finnegan Biden. The reason I asked Finnegan—grandfathers are always allowed to embarrass their granddaughters—that goes along with the territory," proud grandpa Joe said.

"But granddaughters not only love their grandpops but they like them. And that’s the great thing. Thank you, baby."

Maisy Biden

Maisy is the youngest of Hunter's daughters and has also traveled with her grandfather as he worked, including to Colombia.

The 20-year-old is particularly close with Sasha Obama – the two graduated from high school together and celebrated with a joint family party.

Joe Biden himself has said that Sasha is Maisy's "best friend" and that the girls played on the same basketball team together.

Maisy has recently found a niche with TikTok, where she shared animated clips, lip syncs, and inspired non-alcoholic drink recipes.

Natalie Biden

Natalie is the older child of Joe's late son Beau Biden, who died from brain cancer in 2015.

The 16-year-old is quieter than her brother Robert, but lately she's been more visible while trying to garner support for her granddad.

In October 2020, Natalie and her cousin Naomi teamed up with model Kaia Gerber to encourage young and first-time voters to get their ballots out for an election Q&A session on Instagram.

Although she's not yet of age to vote, the teen has highlighted how social media platforms have the power to "inform people, and, like, tell people what we stand for."

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Robert "Hunter" Biden II

Robert is Beau's youngest child and is also known as Hunter as an homage to his uncle.

Hunter Jr appeared with his grandpa Joe at the Democratic National Convention as a child in 2008 – he's since grown up and the 14-year-old occasionally makes appearances on his cousin Naomi's Instagram page.

Robert was featured alongside his cousins in a 2020 DNC video, where they all recited the pledge of allegiance.

Beau Biden

Baby Beau is the youngest child of Hunter Biden and first with his wife Melissa Cohen.

Eight-month-old Beau was seen dancing to Bill Withers' Lovely Day at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration moments after he was carried around by his dad at grandpa's swearing in.

Little Beau – named after Hunter's brother, who died of brain cancer in 2015, aged 46 – pointed at the screen as Lovato sang a storming rendition.

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