'Humiliated' trans woman claims TSA agent punched her testicles

Transgender woman posts sobbing selfie in JFK bathroom after claiming female TSA agent punched her testicles and left her in extreme pain

  • A transgender woman claimed a TSA agent punched her testicles and yelled at me for having a penis’
  • She called for the abolition of airport TSA screenings and the agent to be ‘educated’ in response to the episode 
  • In 2021, another transgender flier slammed ‘transphobic’ TSA screenings and called on them to ‘remove the gender settings from their scanners’

A transgender woman has called for the dismantling of airport TSA screenings after she claimed an agent punched her in the testicles and ‘yelled at me for having a penis’. 

The flyer posted a since-deleted selfie showing her sobbing in a bathroom stall following the episode, complaining that her ‘balls still hurt so bad’. 

‘I don’t want the TSA agent that hurt me fired,’ she said in a separate post. ‘I want her educated and the entirety of TSA abolished altogether.’ 

After being ‘humiliated’ in the airport safety check line, she claimed the female agent then followed her into the women’s bathroom and discussed the interaction with a co-worker while she wept behind a stall. 

She posted since-deleted selfies showing her sobbing in a bathroom stall following the incident, and she later called for the abolition of TSA airport screenings in response

A transgender woman claims she was punched in the testicles by a TSA agent before being chased into the female bathrooms 

After the accusations were posted to social media, the airport said they were investigating the incident. 

‘We apologize again for your experience,’ it said in response on Twitter. ‘Your comments have been noted and shared.’ 

The transgender flyer’s decision to rush to the airport stall, and accusation that the TSA agent took issue with it, comes over seven years after New York passed a law to allow a person of any gender to use any bathroom of their choosing. 

Similar laws are also in effect in several other states, including North Carolina, California and Nevada. 

In a separate incident in 2021, a transgender woman hit out at TSA screenings for being ‘transphobic’ after an ‘anomaly’ was detected between her legs that ‘set off the alarm’. 

‘Can we talk about how horrible it is to travel while being transgender sometimes? I always have immense anxiety leading up to going through security,’ explained Rosalynne Montoya. 

After being flagged by the security system, she called on the TSA to ‘remove the gender settings from their scanners’ to cater to transgender people.  

Debates over transgender issues have become a hot button issue in recent years, including whether athletes who have gone through male puberty and later transitioned should be allowed to compete in women’s sports. 

Last week, a transgender cyclist won first place at a top female cycling race in New York City, as 46-year-old Tiffany Thomas blew the competition out of the water. 

But the victory occurred just weeks after former cycling champion Hannah Arensman quit the sport entirely after missing out on a podium place to a trans cyclist. 

Recent incidences such as these led World Athletics to ban all transgender athletes from competing, after numerous female athletes and coaches warned officials that there was ‘no way’ of reversing their natural physical advantage. 

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