A dog has been filmed eating a dead Russian soldier's limb left behind on the battlefield.

Ukrainian fighters have recently shared a number of graphic videos of pets gorging on the dead bodies of enemy troops.

The clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, which has become a giant repository of gruesome footage of the war, particularly dead Russian servicemen.

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Back in October, a similarly grisly scene was posted on the same Telegram channel of a white and brown cat gnawing at the mangled remains of a soldier, who was later identified by the channel as a Russian.

In this latest footage, a dog with a black coat is seen gnawing at what looks like a human leg.

Two Ukrainian men are heard in the background while they film, with one of them laughing.

The limb appears to have been gnawed right down to the bone.

It was posted on the Telegram channel with the caption on Telegram "Cell snack."

When the previous video of the two cats was posted, many were quick to comment.

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One person said: "Poor kitty, didn't she get poisoned by this s**t?" while another wrote "Get the cat to the vet, it can get poisoned by this muck."

Previously another gory video emerged on the same channel, showing a group of pigs gorging on what was allegedly a dead Russian Army captain.

Titled "Pigs eat the Russian captain", the 14-second long clip showed six of the pigs crowding round the corpse.

The person filming then slowly walked around the the animals while commentating on it and can be heard in Ukrainian identifying the body as a captain.

Among the other disturbing posts on Cargo 200 are several pictures of Russian soldiers blown to pieces and others of decaying skeletons in the snow.

They were captioned: "This is what the cadre Russian army looks like. [This is] how the mobilised will look."

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