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A HOMEOWNER who built a brick wall to get revenge on their annoying neighbours has sparked a suburban frenzy.

The bizarre fallout was filmed on social media as the two Australians laid claim to their land.

The spat reached tipping point when Valentina from western Sydney brought in some bricklayers to build a retaining wall.

Footage showed her neighbour furiously sweeping water onto the project and then eventually turning on the workers with the hose, splashing them and the wall.

Valentina filmed the whole ordeal and can be heard in the background saying: "Your parents must be proud.

"You are ruining the wall."


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The tradies then grabbed the hose off the man and sprayed him back.

He was seen raging and started booting bricks off the wall.

Valentina then said: "You are sick, you are sick… Go to the hospital.

"Are you going to pay for that."

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The video has more than 8.3 million views.

Valentina later replied to the comments in her TikTok video to explain the situation further.

The woman claimed the wall was built legally and for a reason.

She said: "We have all the boundary surveys the wall is definitely on our property.

"The wall is fine it’s not on their property, it doesn’t affect them in any way."

However, the dispute gained such traction that it featured on Australia's hit show A Current Affair.

Neighbour Connie also starred in the episode to tell her side of the story.

She revealed the dispute was actually over rainwater flows.

Connie said: "I have to protect my property."

At the time of the show in 2022, New South Wales was experiencing a rare period of intense storms.

And as a result, Valentina's home – which sits lower to Connie's – was being flooded from higher ground and that is why the wall was built.

Valentina said: "She is sending her water onto ours and flooding our property.

"She thinks our house is supposed to collect all of her rainwater."

Connie argued she could not contain mother nature.

Connie said: "It is surface water from the sky, not storm water and I can’t control it.

"The council policy says the water flow must not be obstructed by kerbing, fencing or retaining walls.

"I won‘t give up, the police can arrest me.

"But I have to protect my land."

Valentina claimed her neighbours started filming as soon as the workers turned up.

Valentina said: "They were asked to not record them and they still continued."

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The wall allegedly ended up setting wonky, which is set to be brought before a local disputes court this year.

The neighbourly feud has reportedly been going for eight years.

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