If you've ever dreamed of being abducted by aliens, your best bet might be to head to Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Nestled in a secluded area not far from Tenby is Apple Camping, home to the UK's weirdest holiday homes including a real-life UFO and a gin palace.

Owner Toby Rhys Davies has long been fascinated with the weird and the wonderful and began creating the haven of strange holiday lets 10 years ago after he "fell into doing camping by accident".

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"I specialise in the weird and the wacky," Davies said.

"I decided to build a UFO at Tenby harbour, it's one of my more unique ones which has had tonnes of success."

The impressive UFO in Redberth now features on Airbnb adverts across the world thanks to its impressive similarity to a real-life spaceship.

The entrance is accessed using a remote control, which then releases steps that drop down to the ground and opens a doorway into the bizarre home.

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Once inside, visitors can play extraterrestrial games like Space Invaders and Defender, while the flying saucer's eight windows give 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The spaceship is even kitted out with lasers and its own crater to make the experience feel as real as possible.

And if UFOs aren't your thing, tourists also have the option to stay in a fully decked-out 80s-themed Pacman domes.

"I saw a yellow geodesic dome and with a few tweaks, like a strategically-placed solar fan and a mouth, I thought it could look like a Pacman," he said.

Davies kitted out the holiday spot with retro gaming tables and arcade games, and after the original Pacman proved a roaring success – he created the "Ms Pacman" last year to keep the original company, although he says the Pacmans are "pretty gender-fluid".

"People love the retro 80s stuff," he said of his video game duo.

"It's a punt every time to build something so ridiculous.

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"We're really trying to do anything that's a bit different."

Apple Camping has played host to a number of famous faces including the popular YouTubers Sidemen back in 2019.

Davies said the site has also been used to film music videos and horror movies, and some couples even choose to host their weddings there.

"We often get people coming to the UFO or to the planes in blindfolds," he added.

"One group who came for a birthday even dressed up as the places they were staying in."


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