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A BRIT tourist has revealed that she was sliced open by a boat propeller while on a dream holiday.

Amor Armitage, 37, has spoken about her miracle survival after almost dying in the horror accident during a luxury Caribbean getaway.

She said that she only survived because a two-inch blood clot prevented her from bleeding to death due to her sickening injuries.

The yoga instructor from Basingstoke, Hampshire, was on holiday in the Caribbean island of Cozumel off the coast of Mexico.

Amor was with her husband Chase, a stuntman who had been working on a US film set when disaster struck.

She was on a snorkelling and diving trip when she was hit by a propeller while swimming back to the boat.


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Amor had flown out to the small island of Cozumel to be with her husband ahead of a planned onward trip to Florida before flying home.

After the horrifying incident on December 17, she was rushed to a hospital on the island.

She opened up about the terrifying experience in a recent blog post.

Amor said that she was returning to the boat after she started to feel cold in the water.

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"I swam to the boat's ladder, there was music playing in the boat and the captain was not looking in my direction," she said.

"When I hold onto the ladder, I take out one fin, the captain of the boat doesn’t see me, I suddenly realise the boat has started moving and I’m unable to say anything, words just didn't come out as fear freezed [sic] me.

"Everything seems to slow down as I feel the boat's propeller hitting my abdomen, genitals and legs, my body feels heavy and I see the boat moving away from me, out of my gut comes a visceral scream, asking for help, the captain sees me but I know I have to swim towards the boat, so with cuts all over my body, I managed to swim to the ladder once again.

"He tells me I have to go up the ladder, I looked down and see my insides out, I feel there’s no chance I can pull myself up alone."

She added: "My body feels mutilated and I feel a pain that is out of this world… Once I manage to pull myself up, the captain helps place my body on the floor and I start trembling, he calls the scuba team and Chase arrives."

Amor was taken back to shore on the boat and rushed to hospital where she had a four-hour operation to reconstruct and attach bones and tendons.

She needed a second operation to remove a blood clot and bypass a severed artery using another vein from her leg.

"It seems that during the accident, I got a blood clot in my femoral artery which prevented me from losing too much blood both during transport to the hospital, and during surgery. Without it, I would have lost a lot of blood," she said.

While she comes to terms with her "miracle" survival, Amor and Chase now have to come to terms with another pressing crisis – a £60,000 hospital bill.

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"The road to recovery will be slow and classes will continue without me for a few months, it seems that we can fly back to the UK early January, our hospital bills are huge, we did not have insurance and the costs seem to increase by day," she said.

A JustGiving page has been set up here.

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