A NEAR-100-year-old Dairy Milk box was discovered under a bathroom floor.

Emma Young, 51, found the pristine packaging — empty of chocolate — while doing up her home.

The mother of two contacted Cadbury who confirmed it was made around 1930.

Emma said: “I thought ‘Gosh, that looks pretty old’ as it had ‘six pence’ on it. It’s in such good nick.”

Emma reckons a builder scoffed it then discarded the cardboard box at the house in Plymouth.

The choccy fan will now frame it, saying: “It’s a bit of history.”


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Cadbury’s said: “We were delighted to see the joy that this piece of Cadbury history has brought.

“As the nation’s favourite chocolate brand, Cadbury has a rich heritage and has been part of British culture and heritage for almost 200 hundred years.

“These 1930s Dairy Milk Neopolitans are a reminder that our chocolate plays a cherished role in people’s lives and we’re thrilled to hear that this particular discovery will be treasured forever.”

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