HOW Dominic Raab must now regret his short-lived family holiday in Crete.

Caught on the hop by the Taliban’s lightning-fast takeover of Afghanistan, our Foreign Secretary is reportedly in hot water with PM Boris Johnson.

Even so, the calls yesterday for Raab’s sacking by his Labour opponent Lisa Nandy and her colleagues were crass.

Having only last month backed the full withdrawal of troops so Afghans could “determine their own affairs”, Ms Nandy is no crystal ball-gazer herself.

Mr Raab now needs to get a grip and ensure the UK takes a leading role in the international response.

With Afghans being shot dead in the street and desperate mothers hurling babies over barbed-wire airport fences to get them to safety, there is no time to lose.

There’s certainly no point looking to weakling US President Joe Biden, who continues to shuffle away from questions on the topic, and bizarrely claims he doesn’t even now know of any way “to have gotten out without chaos ensuing”.

The lion’s share of the blame for Afghanistan’s swift collapse may belong to President Biden, but if the handling of the aftermath is botched too, Mr Raab and his prime minister will have no scapegoats.

Romeo Dunce

HAS it really come to this? That audiences for Romeo And Juliet, the most famous romantic tragedy of all time, need to be given helpline numbers and warned that (SPOILER ALERT) it has some sad bits?

Those who are, to use a Shakespearean phrase, so “pigeon-liver’d and lack gall” should instead choose one of the Bard’s comedies such as All’s Well That Ends Well.

The clue’s in the title.

Meanwhile, is there a helpline for the rest of us suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous wokery?

Booster boost

SUGGESTIONS that most of us will not need Covid booster shots this autumn — with 95 per cent of adults now having antibodies to the virus — are heartening.

However, we won’t count our chickens just yet, with vaccine trail-blazers Israel already on a booster rollout after a spike in cases, and the US soon to follow suit.

The lesson of the past 18 months is that whenever we think we have a lid on Covid, it produces another surprise.

Jelly and I scream

SPARE a thought for holidaymakers in the Costa del Sol.

Having overcome all the hurdles of pandemic travel, they find their quest for a dip in the inviting blue sea thwarted by an invasion of giant jellyfish.

Surely getting stung once by greedy Covid-testing firms pre-flight is enough.

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