I’m a body-mod fanatic – I can taste two different flavours at the SAME time after splitting my tongue | The Sun

AN EXTREME body modification lover has left TikTokers in shock after claiming she can taste two flavours at once due to her split tongue.

Kierstyn Milligan, 24, who goes by Orylan, has hit the headlines in the past for her unique look, having spent over £34,000 on tattoos and extreme body modifications.

One of her latest and most unusual modifications is getting her tongue sliced in half – effectively giving the influencer two tongues.

In her most recent TikTok, she claimed the extreme body mod has allowed her to taste two things at once.

Orlyan said: “I tried it right when it healed, Coke and Sprite was the first thing.

“I was confused on the flavour combination, but I’m curious to try pizza and donuts, or maybe some weird salty sweet combos.”


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In the viral clip, Orylan tried a pack of sour jelly on each side of her tongue – one green and one red – but claimed they didn't taste any different.

One shocked follower commented: “I'm trying to sleep bruh.”

Another added: “May god help you girl.”

Someone else said: “I don't even know what to say."

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“My therapist after this is going to need another therapist,” said someone else.

The gory process of tongue splitting involves numbing the tongue, slicing it in half, and then having a doctor sew the sides back together.

Orylan, who is originally from Houston, Texas, has previously talked about how people call her a “demon” and “hate” her tattoos – but she doesn’t fret about trolls.

In addition to her tattoos and tongue split, she also has inked her eyeballs, had fang and breast implants, as well as piercings in her nipple, both nostrils and bridge of her nose.

She previously said: “I always knew I wanted to look like this, I have had this vision in my head since I was young and have finally fulfilled it.

“The way I looked before compared to now, I feel so much happier.

“Before I had no self love or even understood who I was, now I feel I understand myself the most and have the most self love and confidence.

“We should only do things that bring us joy, for me that’s what modifying myself does, so I want that for others if that’s what they chose, nothing but love and happiness.”

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