A LAWYER has revealed your rights on leaving work early in a heatwave.

Barrister Lynette Calder said there is no legally defined maximum temperature for offices or other places of work.

But she said a reputable employer should do a risk assessment to minimise any risk to health posed by the heat.

And, if you have a disability, your employer may have to make "reasonable adjustments" when it's hot under the Equality Act 2010.

If they don't and you are injured, employers could be hit with a personal injury dispute.

It comes as the Met Office issued a red "danger to life" weather warning today ahead of a three-day scorcher this weekend.

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Lynette told The Sun: "It does depend on your job. But in general there are two obvious points.

"First is that Health and Safety at Work regulations say that the minimum temperature in the work place should be at least 13C but there is no absolute maximum.

"But a prudent employer will do a risk assessment and mitigate risks caused by high temperatures in an appropriate way.

"It may be also that the Equality Act 2010 may come into play if, for example, you have workers who have a disability and require reasonable adjustments during very hot periods.

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"In general employment contracts have an implied term that an employer has a duty to take care of an employees' health and safety.

"But on the other hand an employee has a duty to obey the reasonable requirements of their employer.

"So unless you are very sure that your employer is actively (and provably) risking your health or safety by requiring you to continue working in the heat you could be risking disciplinary action if you just walk out!"

Earlier this week, MPS called for a new law to protect workers from illness during heatwaves is needed.

They want a limit of 30C in most workplaces or 27C for those doing strenuous work guaranteed in law.

Employers would have a legal duty to introduce “effective control measures”, such as installing ventilation or moving staff away from windows and sources of heat, under the proposals.

A total of 37 MPs have signed a motion, tabled in the House of Commons by Labour’s Ian Mearns (Gateshead), in support of the plan.

Earlier, we explained your rights as temperatures soar at work.

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