A FITNESS fanatic has revealed that doctors warned he wouldn't be able to walk before becoming the world's shortest bodybuilder.

Pratik Mohite, from India, is three foot four inches tall and scooped a Guinness World Record at the age of 25 in 2021.

He revealed that he was diagnosed with a form of dwarfism as his hands and feet were so small when he was born.

And, Mohite's parents were told that their son wouldn't be able to "do anything," as per The Guinness World Records.

Doctors claimed that Mohite wouldn’t be able to walk and would need help all his life.

And, they said he wouldn't be able to move his hands.

Mohite, who was always interested in sports, started to work out at the age of 18 after being inspired by his uncle.

But, he was mocked by locals in the village and his friends.

Mohite said: “But I gave myself a challenge and made myself show the world.

"I kept working out and motivating myself to one day get a world record in bodybuilding.”

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He told local media in 2021 that he struggled to pick up the weights at first before building up his strength.

Mohite added: “Despite all of this, I kept working hard. It did not deter me from chasing my dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.”

The fitness enthusiast revealed that his family was skeptical about bodybuilding at first.

He said that they didn’t know much about the sport but changed their minds when he started to succeed.

Mohite has a strict exercise routine as he enjoys a 30-minute run in the morning and spends two hours working out in the gym every night.

He revealed that no workout is ever the same as on one day, he focuses on his chest and triceps, and the next, he will do back exercises.

Mohite, who won a medal in his first event, has starred in more than 40 competitions, according to the Guinness World Records.

The athlete was named the world’s shortest bodybuilder in 2021.

He told Guinness World Records that it was a "dream" to receive the accolade.

He said: "I’m very happy and till now this will be my [sic] biggest achievement in my career.

"Getting recognition by Guinness World Records is a great step up for me."

Mohite has a huge social media presence as he has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

He regularly documents his workouts and often showcases his muscles and shredded physique.

In one clip, he was seen putting bronze tan on former Mr. World champion Sagar Katurde’s body.

Spray paint is often used to make bodybuilders look leaner and their muscles more defined.

Mohite said he hopes he can inspire people who suffer from conditions such as dwarfism.

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He said: “Though our height is short, our dreams should be big.

“If we work hard with dedication we can change 'impossible' to 'possible'."

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