THIS is the incredible moment a giant crocodile savaged a massive fish to death in front of stunned Aussie golfers.

The onlookers watched on in horror as the reptile snatched and ate the barramundi at the Mirage Country Club in Port Douglas, Queensland, on Friday.

According to witnesses, the two-metre crocodile tore the animal to shreds and made it "explode" just as they were lining up at the 18th tee.

Golfer Andrew Reeves told the Courier Mail: 'We were eyeing up the tee shot and looked across and were like 'wow'.”

At the time of the incident, a group of 12 organisations were playing during a two-day event designed to support local businesses.

However, that was swiftly halted when the large crocodile made its entrance onto the course.

Mr Reeves said: 'It was a fair sized ‘barra’ and a fair sized croc and then he starts chomping it down.

“He just goes 'whack' and twists and the whole think exploded, it was incredible."

He added: “And then we all said at the same time, Far North Queensland is just an awesome place.”

A barramundi fish is an Asian sea bass that is native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific.

They are subject to crocodile attacks – who clamp down on their prey and crush them with their jaws.

Crocodiles do not have the capability to chew or break off small pieces of food like other animals, so swallow their food whole.

Sightings of the creatures are not a rare occurrence in this part of Australia – with the reptiles often appearing at the golf course.

In 2015, a 3.7-metre beast was removed from a nearby port after it got too close to the mainland.

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