Stephen Cheatley won the honour with his breathtaking snap titled "Electric Blackpool" showing multiple strikes illuminating the Lancashire skies.

The thunderous victory eclipsed other amazing entries of natural phenomena taken all over the world.

Amazing submissions showed knife-edge ridges on snowy mountain tops in the French Alps and staggering double rainbows arching over Barcelona.

Runners-up also showcased roaring waves off the British coastline as Storm Eleanor battered the UK earlier this year.

And far-flung Iowan fields were photographed being reaped by a tornado and lightning in a powerful storm in the American Midwest.

But of all the incredible images, Stephen's Blackpool shot took the top honour.

The prize is given out each year by The Royal Meteorological Society – an organisation dedicated to promoting the  understanding and application of meteorology for the benefit of all.

The Society helps people whose work is affected by the weather or climate, from academics to professional meteorologists.

Its membership is made up of scientists, practitioners and a broad range of weather enthusiasts – but its work aims to serve anyone who has a general interest in weather.



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