A TWISTED dad gave his daughter to his friends as a "gift" and joined them in gang-raping her for 18 hours, according to reports.

The Indian man, in his late 50s, first introduced his 35-year-old daughter to his friend at a fair in Kamlapur.

The pair managed to convince her to join them on a visit to their other friend who lives in Lucklow, Times of India reported.

Arriving at his house, her dad gave her as a "gift" to his friends before she was locked inside the house for 18 hours.

The group took turns in raping her during the horrific attack, the newspaper reported.

On Monday night, she managed to escape and fled to her mum's house, where she was staying at the time after her marital breakdown.

Her mum called the police as soon as she learned of the assault.

Sitapur Superintendent of Police Sureshrao Kulkarni said: "The father was arrested.

"He got bail in February this year."

Her dad had been exiled from the village from November, after rumours circulated claiming he had an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

One of his pals was also detained but the other has gone on the run, according to reports.

News of the woman's sexual assault comes as India's rape crisis deepens amid a string of shocking sexual crimes against women in the country.



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Two young girls have been found dead after they were sexually assaulted.

Their deaths come after two girls were found raped and murdered last week, crimes which sparked a wave of protests in the country.

One victim was an eight-year-old Muslim girl, who was tortured in the basement of a Hindu temple.

An eight strong Hindu gang – including four cops and a child – were arrested over the brutal torture and murder of Asifa Bano in Kathua in Kashmir, India.

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