KING Charles III has been officially proclaimed monarch in a historic Accession Council ceremony held on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

During the historic Accession Council ceremony at St James's Palace, Prince William was seen for the first time since becoming the Prince of Wales as he signed the proclamation – and his writing style has left many people gobsmacked.

Is Prince William left-handed?

The answer is yes – Prince William is in fact left-handed and the revelation came as a shock to many.

The Prince of Wales could be seen signing the proclamation documents with a fountain pen using his left hand during the historic Accession Council ceremony at St James's Palace.

As millions watched the ceremony, the social media commentary that focused around the proclamation was dominated with discussions of being left-handed.

One wrote: "William both left-handed and using an ink pen. In front of the world too. Brave man".

Another tweeted: ''I never knew Prince William was left handed! (as a mother of a left-hander I'll be sure to let them know).''

Left handed writers also joined in with the conversation – and they were quick to tell the world of social media that they often smudge documents when writing due to having to hold the pen in an awkward way.

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One took to Twitter to write:''As a left handed person, we all knew the struggle that Prince William had trying to sign that without smudging the ink!''

Another said: "I never realised Prince William was left-handed. I wonder if he too ruins everything he signs with pen smudges like me".

The Prince himself has even joked in the past about being left-handed, stating that "left-handers have better brains" than right-handers.

One of the first times his trait became public knowledge was when he signed a book on his first day of school at Eton – where he was photographed alongside his father King Charles, his mother Princess Diana, and brother Prince Harry.

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What other royals are left-handed?

Between ten and 12 percent of the world's population are left-handed – and that includes some of the Royal Family members.

William's great-grandfather George VI was naturally left-handed too, but his father George V forced him to write with his right hand.

The Queen's father was also frequently seen playing tennis with his left hand.

And King George VI seems to have inherited this the distinctive trait from his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

The monarch was often seen writing with her right hand but would paint with her left hand – suggesting she may have been encouraged to write with the right hand just as George VI had.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex is another famous left-hander – the wife of Prince Edward has been frequently photographed using her left hand to sign her name.

William’s son, Prince George, was also pictured using his left hand to play sports when he was younger.

However, now George is older it is not yet known for certain whether he follows his father and other family members, and is left-handed too.

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