CANNABIS usage has long been a controversial topic, with some countries making the substance legal.

Here are the rules regarding possession of the Class-B drug in Spain, and what the consequences could be.

Is weed legal in Spain?

It is legal to cultivate and smoke cannabis for your own personal use in Spain.

However, it is illegal to distribute or sell cannabis to others, and you cannot smoke it in a public place.

Cannabis trafficking is not allowed, but it is legal to buy and sell paraphernalia, seeds, or other hemp products. 

If you are caught any with cannabis on you in a public place, this is a crime.


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It can be considered a level of cannabis trafficking and is highly illegal.

The consequences could include fines or even jail time.

Is weed legal to grow in Spain?

It is legal to grow cannabis in Spain, you can buy seeds and equipment without a problem.

The warm climate in the country supports strong growth.

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Is medicinal weed legal in Spain?

The Spanish government announced plans to legalise medical cannabis by the end of 2022.

However, as of 2023, they still haven't made use of it for medical purposes legal.

As a result, most users who require cannabis for medicinal purposes or pain relief are in the same situation as a recreational user.

Is weed legal in Barcelona?

In June 2017, Catalonia legalised the cultivation, consumption, and distribution of cannabis for members of designated cannabis clubs. 

You can acquire cannabis legally by joining a members-only, private cannabis club.

First and foremost, ensure the club you visit is considered a private space.

Cannabis clubs were popularised with the law of decriminalising cannabis products in private spaces, but it is only within the club walls that you can enjoy your marijuana socially.

These businesses are considered legal spaces for consumption as long as they are labelled and contained as a private space and not earning a profit. 

Most of these clubs require membership, and it is important to note that you will not be able to walk out the door with the substance.

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