ITV's Tom Bradby pays heartfelt tribute to colleague Emily Morgan

‘We are devastated… we really loved her’: Emotional ITV News anchor Tom Bradby pays heartfelt tribute to colleague Emily Morgan following her death from lung cancer at age 45

  • Bradby describes his colleague as ‘brilliant at her job’ and ‘incredibly funny’
  • Veteran broadcaster recalls their trips abroad in pursuit of UK Prime Ministers 
  • He also pays tribute to Morgan’s family, and her two ‘wonderful daughters’ 

ITV News anchor Tom Bradby has paid an emotional and touching tribute to his colleague Emily Morgan whose death from lung cancer was announced on Saturday by the broadcaster.

Morgan, 45, worked for ITN for 23 years, working her way up to become Health and Science Editor and playing a key role in the reporting of the Covid pandemic.

An outpouring of tributes followed, with NHS England and Piers Morgan offering their condolences and praising her journalism.

On Tuesday, veteran broadcaster Bradby shared his own tribute, describing Morgan as ‘brilliant at her job’ but also ‘incredibly funny and completely irreverent’.

ITV News has shared an extended tribute with the show ending with a compilation of clips from Morgan’s time at ITV.

The 45-year-old was a devoted wife and mother to two ‘wonderful daughters’, said Bradby

In an emotional moment, viewers were offered a glimpse of Emily Morgan’s private life

It shows her bravely reporting from hospitals at the height of the pandemic, as Bradby narrates.

‘If the sheer volume of time spent on Covid wards exposed her to a degree of risk, she was always clear as to why she was doing it,’ he said, followed by a clip of Morgan describing it as her ‘duty’ to report ‘firsthand, on the ground.’

‘Over more than a decade, her reporting on health, politics, and much else,’ Bradby continued, describing her as a reporter with ‘style, charisma, compassion, and basic humanity’.

Veteran broadcaster Bradby shared his own tribute, describing Morgan as ‘brilliant at her job’

Bradby went on to recall that Morgan started out behind the scenes as a producer.

He worked closely with her for five years at Westminster every day, crossing the globe in pursuit of various Prime Ministers, including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

He continued: ‘She was brilliant at her job, it’s true, but she was also incredibly funny and completely irreverent.

‘I once persuaded our editor to send us across Canada by train with cameraman Rob Turner to make a film on how the Canadians cut the deficit.

‘Emily referred to this ever afterwards, in front of senior management, as our holiday, in Canada, with Rob,’ he said.

The broadcaster also spoke of his colleague’s home life.

He said: ‘We watched her fall in love, get married, have two wonderful daughters.

‘She must’ve had her faults, we all do, but we didn’t see them.’

He then finished his tribute with a personal – and touching – sentiment: ‘We are devastated because we really loved her … and if you’d have known her, you would’ve too.’

Tom Bradby paid tribute to Emily Morgan, and said ‘everybody at ITV loved her’

On Sunday, news anchor Geraint Vincent fought back tears during an emotional tribute to his late colleague.

He added: ‘Emily worked here for 23 years, first behind the scenes as a producer, but for most of that time lighting up our programmes every day as a political and then health reporter.

‘At 45 years old, she was at the very top of her game as anyone who followed her peerless reporting of the covid pandemic will remember well.

‘But she was also, as she wanted the world to know, a mum to her two cherished daughters, a wife, a sister and a daughter herself and it is with all of her family that our thoughts are with tonight.’

Tributes also poured in on social media, with ITV News presenter Julie Etchingham tweeting: ‘The most brilliant, beautiful woman inside and out.

‘A devoted Mum. A wonderful, fearless journalist and a dear colleague who lived her life with radiating joy and to the full. Thinking of all her family especially and all those closest to her.’

Chris Ship, royal editor for ITV News, said his colleague and friend had been ‘full of humanity’.

‘She was such a beautiful person and a dear friend,’ he said. ‘As Health Editor, Emily was fearless in reporting Covid to the nation in 2020.

He added: ‘Talented, kind, full of humanity. She was 45.’

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