A TATTOO fan who set the record for the most square on his body claims he has more inking INSIDE his body than anyone else in the world.

Matt Gone, from the US, started his ink journey in 1986 and has spent a whopping £173,000 on 843 tattoos.

As a so-called "early experimenter", the tattoo fanatic has done a lot of the inking himself.

He has most of his mouth tattooed, including his tongue, gums, cheeks, and tonsils – and even down his throat.

His eyeballs have been inked in blue, green, magenta and gold, with a total of eight colours used in his eyes.

And elsewhere, he's even got his most intimate parts tattooed.

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He told The Sun Online: "I have more tattooing inside my body than anyone else, but it is too dangerous to be a Guinness Record.

"I tattooed my entire genital area, anus, butt-crack, inner thighs, my eyes, tongue, inside throat, and lots of little touch ups all over my body."

At least 20 years ago, Matt tattooed the inside of his urethra through a pierced hole in his penis.

And while having surgery for rare birth defects in his bladder many years later, Matt said the surgeon was "startled" to find the internal inking.

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Matt said the reactions to his unique look have improved over the years.

He said: "It really depends on what you have tattooed on your face.

"People like the checkers pattern. I have been all over the world, and everyone likes checkers.

"It's better these days. In 1998, I had my entire head, and neck to jawline tattooed and that shocked people.

"My eyes shock people, but the tongue tattoo shocks people the most. It's top quality tattooing."

His 25-year project to cover himself in tats has cost him more than £173,000 – and he's set to get a fresh touch up on his hips and bottom soon.

Earlier this year, two doctors counted the inkings on Matt’s body before he was awarded the Guinness World Record for the most square tattoos.

He revealed his nose was the most painful to have done – and left him sneezing black ink.

He said: "The most painful spot on the body to get tattooed?

"The nose. That is the most painful, even the baby toes, the nail beds hurt a lot.

"I sneezed up black ink for about 20 minutes after that and it was the most painful thing I’d ever been through."

But getting his eyelids inked was also painful, "even with anaesthetic".

"I have the inside of the eyelid tattooed; people generally only tattoo up to the eyelash line," he added.

Matt claims to have "modernised the technique" for tongue tattoos when he had his done back in 2010.

"My tongue is tattooed, but it was hypodermic injections," he said.

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"It's more tattooed than any other person in history and is tattooed all the way to the base down here in my throat."

But he warned: "Do not do this at home, there is no professional that can do this."

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