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Veteran Democratic operative James Carville blasted the “Defund the Police” movement — calling it a “terrible drag” on his party.

Carville lodged the criticism in an interview this week with Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, where he also expressed concern about the outcomes of future elections due the Democratic party’s focus on identity politics and cancel culture.

“It is the thing that I’m most worried about,” Carville told Kristol about the headline-dominating issue.

“They’re always trying to get somebody fired. They’re outraged at somebody all the time. And it just wears people down,” he said.

Carville praised President Joe Biden for sticking to his own agenda.

“Biden doesn’t get involved in all of this and I think that’s smart. He just keeps talking about what he talks about and I think it’s smart because once you get drawn into it, they’re like, they never stop.”

He also claimed that ultra-liberal academia — what he snarkily called the “English faculty at Amhurst” — wields too much influence over the Democratic party.

“They really do. They come up with all of these different things and when people see that, they don’t like it because it’s not what their life is,” he said.

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