ALL of JBS Beef plants in the United States were forced to shut down following a cyberattack.

The United Food & Commercial Workers union, which represents workers at JBS’s plants in the country, said the plants were shut down as a result of a cyberattack, the union told Bloomberg.

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The attack targeted some of the company's servers over the weekend.

JBS is the world's largest meat supplier, providing meat to places all over the United States, Australia, and Canada.

The White House on Tuesday said the cyberattack "likely came from Russia," with the producer's shutdown prompting fears of a global shortage.

JBS, which has factories that handle tens of thousands of cattle a day, is working with the White House after they received a ransom demand.

"The White House has offered assistance to JBS and our team at the Department of Agriculture have spoken to their leadership several times in the last day," said White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

"JBS notified the administration that the ransom demand came from a criminal organization likely based in Russia," she said, adding the FBI is working with JBS.

"The White House is engaging directly with the Russian government on this matter and delivering the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals."

The Biden Administration said it will take steps to regulate cryptocurrency transfers while it conducts its investigation.

The five largest JBS beef plants in the country have suspended livestock slaughter following the attack.

In Australia, which exports up to 75 percent of its red meat products, operations have paused until further notice, leading many to think this will lead to a global shortage of meat products.

JBS said in a statement: "On Sunday, May 30, JBS USA determined that it was the target of an organised cybersecurity attack, affecting some of the servers supporting its North American and Australian IT systems."

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