Jean-Claude Juncker jokes 'it wasn't Theresa' as he sports cut face in crunch Brexit talks

JEAN Claude Juncker has joked "it wasn't Theresa!" as he sported a cut face today during crunch Brexit talks.

The EU boss held discussions with the PM this evening over Brexit, with hopes that a breakthrough is on the way.

The two leaders agreed the talks had been constructive and said they will speak again in a few days.

They emphasised time is tight as March 29 rapidly approaches, but said all options are still on the table -including the Brexiteers Malthouse compromise.

The President of the EU commission was snapped showing the Prime Minister his cut earlier today, before telling reporters that it was done while shaving.

"I'm telling you so that you don't think it was Mrs. May who gave me this injury," he told reporters.

He covered up the wound with a huge plaster, and both leaders managed to crack out a smile ahead of their discussions.

It's hoped that Mrs May could be about to unveil a new plan to save her Brexit deal, as the clock ticks down to our exit day.

Yesterday her spokesperson insisted that the options of replacing the hated Northern Irish backstop completely, a time limit to it, or the ability to exit it without the say of the EU, were all still on the table.

Ministers have remained tight-lipped about which plan the PM is going to propose to the bloc.

The EU has said repeatedly it will not re-open the withdrawal agreement which negotiators slaved over for a year and a half.

But they have said they may be willing to make tweaks in other areas, including the future partnership declaration Britain and the EU have drafted.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said this morning: "The message is really to everyone is that it is possible to find a way through this.

"There is a solution, we can get this deal through Parliament if we can have a deal where the Attorney General can change his advice on the backstop, that's going to be key to unlocking it."

Chancellor Philip Hammond said yesterday he hoped that legally binding changes "would deliver the core of a majority for a deal in the House of Commons".

But the hopes were dampened by EU boss Mr Juncker last night, who said: "There isn’t enough movement for me to be able to expect this to be a discussion with a concrete outcome.

"I don’t know what Mrs May will communicate to me tomorrow."



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If a deal is agreed between the EU and UK this week it could be rubber stamped with the rest of the EU as early as this weekend, where member states are meeting for a summit in Sharm El Sheikh.

Then it could come back for a vote by MPs next week.

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