JFK director Oliver Stone fears Biden will start World War Three

JFK director Oliver Stone says he made a MISTAKE voting for Joe Biden in 2020 because he fears president will start World War Three with his support for Ukraine

  • Filmmaker Oliver Stone expressed his regret over his decision to vote for Biden
  • Stone expressed concerns that the current administration’s actions might lead the U.S. into World War Three
  • Stone said he perceives Biden as someone deeply entrenched in the Cold War era mentality who hates the old Soviet Union 

Famed liberal director Oliver Stone says he regrets voting for President Joe Biden and believes he may end up leading the country into World War III.

Speaking on an episode of Russell Brand’s Stay Free podcast, Stone stated how he believed Biden was ‘stupidly dragging the US into a confrontation’ with Russia. 

‘If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, this guy is – I voted for him – I made a mistake, I was thinking he was an old man now that he would calm down, that he would be more mellow and so-forth, I didn’t see that at all,’ Stone said. 

‘I see a man who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. Who knows?’

Stone went on: ‘It seems that he’s dragging us stupidly into a confrontation with a power that is not going to give. This is their borders. This is their world. This is NATO going into Ukraine. This is a whole other story.’

Filmmaker Oliver Stone has expressed his regret over his decision to vote for Biden in 2020

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone was granted unprecedented access to the Russian President in the past. Pictured: Stone speaks with President Vladimir Putin in June, 2019


Stone is particularly knowledgeable on the subject of Russia and Ukraine having executive produced the 2016 film Ukraine on Fire which highlights the major role  the U.S. played in the 2014 coup in the country and the ousting of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

It sees the JFK director interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin and suggests how the U.S. had essentially used Ukraine as a proxy against Russia for many years.

The filmmaker was granted unprecedented access to the Kremlin leader over a two year period while filming a series of interviews and is considered to know Putin better than most Westerners. 

That being said, Stone has not met Putin for four years, and his in-depth interviews with him were between 2015 and 2017. 

‘Biden is an old Cold Warrior, and he really hates the old Soviet Union which he confounds again with the Russian Federation, which is not communist,’ Stone went on to explain during Brand’s podcast.

Stone said Biden is unable to distinguish the former Soviet Union from present-day Russia, further. Pictured right, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky is seen alongside Biden

Russian President Vladimir Putin and director Oliver Stone who shot The Putin Interviews

Vladimir Putin, left, and director Oliver Stone meeting at the Moscow Kremlin in June 2019 

Stone – who has faced criticism in the past of being an apologist for Putin – also blamed the war in Ukraine on the ‘neoconservative movement who started the war in Iraq,’ and who still occupy prominent positions in the Biden’s administration. 

Stone said he believed the hawkish attitude of U.S. policy makers towards Moscow was down to their failure to distinguish the former Soviet Union from present-day Russia, further.

‘Putin is not the monster pictured by the American propaganda machine,’ he insisted, slamming the consistently anti-Russian stance of the Washington establishment and NATO allies.

‘Unless we change our direction, our thinking, we’re taking Russia into the edge… This is crazy what’s going on; it’s nuts, it’s suicidal; we’re gonna hurt ourselves in a big way. This is a potential World War III.

‘You have to look at the reasons for this war, and whenever you do, the Americans like to simplify and say it’s a question of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. That’s very simplistic and very black-and-white,’ Stone said.

In earlier interviews Stone said of Putin: ‘It’s been years since I saw him for the last time, but the man I knew had nothing to do with the mad, irresponsible and murderous man that the media present today comparing him to Hitler and Stalin.

‘The Putin I knew was rational, calm, always acting in the interest of the Russian people, a true son of Russia, a patriot, which does not imply a nationalist.’


Stone is best known for Hollywood blockbusters inspired by American history such as ‘JFK’ and ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’ but has previously made films about the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Venezuelan firebrand Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013. 

In June 2017 the Russian president was the subject of Stone’s Showtime special, The Putin Interviews. 

The four-part documentary was filmed over the course of two years and included several conversations Stone had with the notoriously private president.

The interviews took place at the Kremlin, Sochi, and Putin’s official residence in Moscow. 

Putin discussed same-sex marriage, Edward Snowden and not having bad days because he ‘is not a woman’.

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