Police warned Labour MP Jess Phillips a man who threatened to kill her could use a lottery win to attack her from jail.

She said counter-terror police informed her Rakeem Malik, 56, could try to mount an attack `against me while still in prison’ using his cash.

Malik, who made the threats while serving a life sentence for attempted murder, reportedly won £100,000 on a lottery scratch card while on mental health day release from an NHS secure unit.

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He was said to be in a secure mental health unit when he bought the ticket and transferred his winnings into a jail account.

Shadow Home Office minister Jess, 41, said police `turned up mob-handed to my office’.

She said they had grave concerns because the threats came from a man with `access to quite substantial sums that could have been used in the commission of crimes against me’.

Muslim convert Malik was given a five-year sentence in 2020 for posting death threats to the Birmingham Yardley MP as well as to ex-Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Theresa May and another woman MP.

He made further threats from behind bars against Jess which resulted in him getting a second five-year sentence given last year (2021).

Jess, shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding, said she was warned Malik could reach her from behind bars thanks to a lottery win.

She told MPs: "The threats were jihadist in nature and largely about how the person in prison – obviously a risk factor on the balance of probabilities – was working with people on the outside to kill me and my family.’’

Ministry of Justice sources said Malik’s spending was closely monitored and he could only purchase approved items such as food, toiletries or computer games.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "Spending by prisoners is tightly restricted and any transfers are subject to approval by prison staff.’’

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