JOHN McAfee's wife had warned that authorities were "determined" he would die in prison in a chilling Father's Day message just days before his reported suicide in a Spanish prison.

Janice McAfee, a former prostitute, told her husband that he was "loved and appreciated" as she claimed that his "honesty got him in trouble with corrupt governments" in a Twitter post on Sunday.

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The antivirus pioneer, 75, reportedly killed himself on Wednesday just hours after it was announced he would be extradited to the United States.

Mum-of-three Janice issued the warning that people wanted him dead only three days he was reportedly found dead in his prison cell.

The pair met after cartel bosses used her to spy on him, McAfee claimed in an interview with The Sun after his arrest.

"I know John is an extremely polarizing individual. Believe me, I know this better than most!" Janice wrote in the lengthy note.

"But I also know, as well as any of you who follow him on Twitter, that he has always been honest about who is is. ALWAYS. Sometimes too honest, sometimes sharing more than any of us cared to know about him!

"John’s honesty has often gotten him in trouble with corrupt governments and corrupt government officials because of his outspoken nature and his refusal to be extorted, intimidated, or silenced," she claimed.

"Now the US authorities are determined to have jOhn in prison to make an example of him for speaking out against corruption within their government agencies."

Janice added the media "continues to vilify him" as she branded the tech pioneer a "father of many, loved by few."

"There is no hope of him ever having a fair trial in America because there is no longer any justice in America," she also alleged just three days before his extradition was announced.

"You either play ball or get f**ked.

"Those are literally the only options now. Before you were innocent before proven guilty but somehow that has changed to guilty until proven innocent."

His wife added that he was struggling "both mentally and physically, as well as financially" after eight months in prison and claimed that his life could be "irreparably destroyed" by the "court of public opinion.

"Now anyone can level the most heinous accusations against you without any proof and having no basis in reality," she concluded.

The 75-year-old tech mogul is reported to have taken his own life in prison in Barcelona, according to local paper El Pais.

In a tweet posted two years ago, McAfee had claimed that if he was ever found dead by suicide, he had not killed himself.

Janice reportedly met McAfee when he hired her as a prostitute in Miami Beach, Florida, in December 2012.

They claims she spent the first two years passing secrets about McAfee to the criminal underworld.

"I had to provide them with information about John and his whereabouts," admitted Janice.

"They wanted me to do things like hide poison in his food and let them in the house where he was staying."

They've been on the run together for most of their seven-year romance, they previously told The Sun.

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