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MPs will vote TODAY on whether Boris Johnson should be banned from keeping his coveted parliamentary pass.

As the ex-PM turns 59, his former colleagues are expected to unanimously vote in favour of the sanction.

But Rishi Sunak has refused to say if he would too, insisting the matter is for each MP to decide on their own.

It would mean if Boris wanted to enter the parliamentary estate again, he'd have to undergo security checks each time like an ordinary member of the public.

Even Boris' most loyal lieutenants aren't expected to cause a fuss over the vote.

The ex-PM's allies insist it's time to move on from the matter – at least for now.

So, the vote is expected to pass "on the nod" and there may not even be a division, where MPs then have to formally register their view.

Before this afternoon's vote, the Commons will spend 90 minutes debating the bombshell Privileges Committee Report, which issued the sanction.

The committee found Mr Johnson committed "serious contempt" when he insisted no lockdown rules were broken.


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The 14-month probe, headed up by Labour MP Harriet Harman, ruled that the ex-PM misled MPs over lockdown-breaking gatherings in No10, the first PM to do so.

In a 30,000-word paper, the committee of MPs skewered him for repeatedly claiming that no rules were broken.

If Boris was still an MP he would face a whopping 90 day suspension from the Commons.

But after his shock resignation last week, that's no longer a possibility.

The ex-PM and his allies have repeatedly slammed the committee as a "kangaroo court".

They insist Ms Harman was always out to get him and he never stood a chance of a fair trial.

BoJo critics on all sides say that isn't true and argue the report was fair and considered.

Rishi Sunak is expected to ditch the Commons as it debates the former Tory leader's conduct.

This morning Mr Sunak repeatedly refused to say if he will register his approval of the report.

The PM told Good Morning Britain: "This committee was established under the former Prime Minister.

"It commanded the confidence of the House at the time and I'm sure that they've done their work thoroughly and I respect them for that.

"This is a matter for the House and each individual colleague will make up their mind when the time comes."

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: "We need to know where Rishi Sunak stands on this.

"He should show leadership, come along, get in the lobby and show us where he stands on this."

Yesterday Cabinet heavyweight Michael Gove admitted he'll abstain on the vote.

He claimed the 90-day ban was "not merited by the evidence the committee have put forward".

But the Levelling Up Secretary added it's for individual MPs to make up their own minds.

TalkTV presenter Piers Morgan this morning blasted politicians who said they won't show up to vote, accusing them of cowardice.

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Mr Morgan warned: "We should assume that any minister or MP who abstains from today’s vote on Boris Johnson endorses what he did, and judge them accordingly.

"It’s moral cowardice to duck such a slam-dunk conviction by your fellow parliamentarians."

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