Kelly Rizzo marks 1 year since Bob Saget's death: Grief has become 'tremendous gratitude'

Kelly Rizzo has found a sense of purpose in sharing her grief over the loss of husband Bob Saget as she experiences the "surreal" feeling of marking nearly one year since his tragic death.

The widow of the "Full House" star spoke with NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff on TODAY Dec. 29 about what the past year has been like since losing her husband of four years. The actor and comedian was found dead at 65 on Jan. 9 in a Florida hotel room from accidental head trauma.

"When I think about the fact that I haven’t talked to or seen my husband in a year, that’s very surreal and very, very strange," an emotional Rizzo said.

Rizzo has shared an unfiltered look at her grief since Saget's death, including an Instagram post on Christmas in which she urged others to "cherish every single moment."”> View this post on Instagram

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"This is having some sort of impact on people who have gone through something similar, and now it’s just given me this whole new sense of purpose and life to be able to share this," she said on TODAY.

Rizzo, 43, has also drawn support from Saget's friends and his three daughters from his first marriage, Aubrey, 35, Lara, 33, and Jennifer, 30.

"The three of them are just everything to me because they were everything to him, and so keeping them close really is everything," she said.

Rizzo, who is the host of the food and travel show "Eat Travel Rock," has also found solace in cooking. The kitchen is where she and Saget spent some of their happiest times.

"He was always my biggest fan," she said. "He loved all the videos. And so I feel like now it’s kind of another way to honor him."

After nearly a year since Saget’s loss, a new feeling has now mixed with her grief.

“The missing him and the being sad about it doesn’t go away, but the grief now has really morphed into just this tremendous gratitude for the time that we had together,” she said.

She's now trying to honor her late husband by emulating his approach to life.

"When I look at the beginning of the year, of course I’m like, 'This is the worst thing I and my family and Bob’s family and friends have ever gone through,'" she said. "But then I’m also really trying to take from it what you can do to turn this into a positive experience because Bob did that. He had so much loss in his life, and he turned everything into a positive, reflective experience. If he did that, then I want to use this experience in the same way."

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