Comedian-turned-restaurateur Kevin Hart doesn’t see himself as a boss, even though he has various teams reporting to him.

And to be successful as a leader, according to Hart, one has to put the team’s needs ahead of any ego that comes with being in charge.

“When you say boss, that already throws me off because what I am is a partner,” Hart said on a new edition of Yahoo Finance Presents. “I’m a teammate. And although my name may be in lights or I may be at the top of the chain, I don’t see myself to be any different from the people that work underneath the umbrellas that we’re putting up. The reason why I say that is because these things can’t succeed without the hard work, energy and effort of those that are helping you execute this amazing idea.”

Hart will get to put his leadership style to the test in a new venture focused on plant-based food.

Hart House, a plant-based food fast casual restaurant that is a short walk from the iconic In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles, took several years to develop. The menu includes tots, fries, limeade, milkshakes comprised of a soy-and-oat blend, along with plant-based burgers and chicken.

“What I do is make sure that we amplify the world of what we represent,” Hart explained. “When people come to Hart House, I want people to feel good.”

To bring the restaurant to life, Hart signed some big names in their respective fields such as bitcoin evangelist and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novagratz and longtime friend and billionaire Fanatics founder Michael Rubin.

As for the menu, Hart tapped chef Mike Salem to develop the offerings, keeping them in the $5-$7 range. Salem is the former head of culinary innovation at Restaurant Brands-owned Burger King and helped launch the plant-based Impossible Whopper.

Hart says he hopes to spread “laughter and positivity” to those diners walking through the doors of Hart House.

“I can only hope that people grab a little piece of that every time they come into one of our establishments,” Hart said.

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