Killer cult mum facing Death Row sentence submits new ‘alibi’ to avoid death

A killer cult mum said to have been involved in the deaths of two children hopes an "alibi" will help her dodge a Death Row sentence.

Lori Vallow denies murdering two children in a vicious attack in an Idaho, United States-based apartment and claims to have an alibi proving her innocence.

Instead, Vallow, 49, alleges the tragic youngsters were killed by someone else in her the home of her brother, Alex Cox, who died in suspicious circumstances in December 2019.

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Vallow currently faces the lethal injection and a stint on Death Row for the murders of her two children, JJ and Tylee, who went missing in 2019.

Prosecutors have claimed that the pair were murdered in their uncle's apartment, but Vallow, who fled to Hawaii immediately after the murders with her church-leader husband, Chad Daybell, has denied any involvement.

Although she has denied the murders, Vallow has been charged with both, but has since submitted new court filings.

She claims that her kids were killed in Cox's apartment and that she was in her own apartment nearby when it occurred, although has not supplied specific dates in her submission.

Vallow has not been charged in the death of Cox, but is facing a death penalty ruling for the death of her two children.

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Vallow's submission of a new alibi appears to pin the deaths on that of her brother, Cox, who is not specifically mentioned but is inferred as the responsible party linked to their disappearance.

The 49-year-old has also provided a date claiming she was in Hawaii around the time of her husband's ex-wife, Tammy Daybell's, death on October 19, 2019, DailyMail reported.

Vallow and her priest husband are said to be members of a doomsday religious cult that sees the pair believe they were put on earth to rid it of zombies.

The pair have previously been reported as alleged members of a group known as "Preparing a People," The Sun reported.

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