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    Kim Jong Un’s sister could be in grave danger given his tendency to murder his political rivals, experts have claimed.

    The news comes following a series of appearances in public from Kim’s daughter, Kim Ju Ae, suggesting to many North Korea commentators that she is the one favoured to succeed him.

    Once powerful, his sister Kim Yo Jong is now believed to have fallen by the wayside in the wake of the new “chosen one”.

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    The existence of Kim Ju Ae is, in the eyes of many, a relatively new thing with the North Korean Government only confirming it in November 2022.

    Thought to be his second child she has been playing an increasingly prominent role in the eyes of the North Korean public, with state media calling her his “most beloved” or “respected” kid.

    Yo Jong was once the primary support to Jong Un.

    Speaking to the Daily Beast, experts explained how it was unlikely there would be a role for Kim Yo Jon given the change.

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    David Straub, a former senior diplomat in the American Embassy in Seoul, said: “Kim had both his uncle and his half-brother murdered.”

    He added: “I’ll bet everyone in the Kim clan remembered, perhaps especially Yo Jong.”

    Kim Yo Jong’s frequent centre of media coverage after public appearances could have been the reason behind her downfall, Bruce Bennett, a longtime North Korea analyst at the RAND Corporation told the publication.

    “My guess is that Kim was getting really upset by all of the outside media on his sister being his potential or likely successor,” he said.

    The former number two, Kim’s uncle-in-law Jang Song Thaek, was a frequent offerer of advice but was ordered to be executed by Kim a decade ago.

    He explained how the dictator “did not want to hear that his uncle was his regent".

    “Kim Yo Jong is lucky that she is not as dead as Kim’s uncle,” he added.

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