King Charles’ royal role changes were to avoid ‘terribly embarrassing’ fallout

King Charles III's continued change-up of Royal Family roles was mired slightly by the potential for a "terribly embarrassing" fallout over a key role change.

A new change to the pool of counsellors the King can rely on risked destroying "unity within the family", but it appears it was a risk Charles was willing to take.

In doing so, the new King has added extra members to a pool of Royal Family members who can take his place in the event of his absence or illness, Express reported.

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The move had a "terribly embarrassing" potential though, as the King is said to have made the move to oust Prince Andrew and Prince Harry from the role.

Royal expert Russell Myers said of the decision: "The fact is they did not want to remove them completely because that would have been terribly embarrassing and Charles is all about unity within the family."

Extra counsellors were named, with Princess Anne and Prince Edward added to the pool too, as the King himself noted, would "ensure continued efficiency of public business when I'm unavailable".

Myers claimed the change was due to the King understanding the "public feeling" toward "those two in particular".

He added: "I think some people are aggrieved about how Harry had gone about treating his family.

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"I mean, there was not obviously a lot of support for the way he did leave the family and chose his own destiny, and I do not think people agree with the fact that if you leave, you should then be able to deputise for the monarch."

Although the Duke of York and Duke of Sussex are eligible to stand in as a temporary replacement as Counsellors of State, it is unlikely they will do so.

A "bitter snub" had already been reported by Daily Star after Prince Harry was bumped down the state order.

King Charles did so by making a series of major changes to the 1937 Regency Act.


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