Landlord slammed for installing 'illegal' feature in tiny £600-a-month room – but can you can spot why? | The Sun

HOUSE hunters were left stunned by a landlord's shocking attempt to squeeze a kitchen and bathroom into a tiny rental.

TikTok influencer Rach McQueen shared the £170-a-week property in New South Wales, Australia, that appears to have a thin partition between the two.

Rachel branded the unique feature as "opportunism" and even gave the combined room a hilarious name – a "bitchen".

She said: "I will be presenting to you a new low in rental crisis home design.

"…Surely a bathroom can’t be that close to a kitchen, especially without a door?"

The clip shows an image of the front of the rental property before more photos show the interior.


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Inside the basic room is a small kitchen to the right, less than a meter away from a semi-transparent folding screen to conceal the bathroom.

As the photo is displayed, McQueen asks: "Have you spotted the revolutionary new design feature?"

She adds: "All of your bathroom germs just float around and end up in here where you prepare your food.

"For $300 a week you don’t deserve dignity, hygiene, or to have friends over."

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It sparked fierce backlash online with one follower commenting: "The slum lords are really hitting new lows."

Another added: "You can wee and make a cup of tea at the same time."

In a follow-up video, Rach explains that she has reported the property to the appropriate authorities as it violates renting regulations.

One person comments: "I'm surprised real estate agents are allowed to get away with marketing the properties even tho they are visibly illegal."

In November, The Sun reported that a greedy landlord had been summoned to court after making a one-bedroom flat into a five-bed.

Si Ren of Adelaide, Australia, created new rooms into a 82-square-metre flat allegedly without prior approval from local government.

The entire property was formerly rented for £380 per week, but Ren marketed each at weekly rates of £125 per week in 2021, according to

After Ren bought the flat in 2018, she added a bathroom unit and five bedrooms with a kitchen and hallway.

The renovations Ren made were allegedly illegal, breaking the Strata Titles Act of 1988.

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The strata corporation in Adelaide has claimed Ren ''failed to obtain authorisation to carry out works''.

Strata management is a specific area of property management that deals with day-to-day operations of properties with multiple units.

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